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Lies in Jewelry Boxes

Your sophism was a true talent

Which I was rather envious of

Lacing my tongue like hemlock

Its toxicity I’ve learned to love

Diamond lies glimmer lethally

I mined it out of your arteries

Coruscating past an acid flesh

Transpiercing it all desultorily

Who am I to cease your whims?

Cuffs bejeweled with gold voices

So offer me rubies and sapphires

If you feel precious and helpless

Faux phantasm you think succinct

Painting an entity bland and bleak

And I was a fool to let you think I am

You didn’t have to lie to be the higher man.

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When the world is too dark to properly take in

And the unsightly events just bore me

When everything is bleak and tainted with sin

And there isn’t a single beautiful sight to see

I simply look up into the onyx night skies above me

And bask in all of its heavenly elysian glory

For no matter how many times I keep on staring

The sparkling specks of mysterious lights will never get boring.

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