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The Blondes Are (Not) Alright

Blew motivation I had
To make my still beating-something
Not hurt that bad
Haven’t been home in some months
I haven’t loved myself
Just watching friends online
Look like they need some help…


I brought a knife to a shootout

But I’m not looking for a fistfight

I don’t mean to get too bloody

I just wanted to feel a little alright


But it’s difficult to make amends

When you’re holding the trigger

And kiss the muzzle to my mouth

Before I plead for it to get better


Bang bang bang, do you feel it yet?

Don’t drop that dime to take a bet

If I die now on the pavement curb

I’ll try not to bleed out on your shirt


I brought awkward to the limelight

I hear it’s the latest fashion show

I don’t mean to flaunt my mistakes

I just wanted everyone to know


That it’s hard to feel sorry

When you’re feeling sorry for yourself

They said I’m being crazy

Like condescencion’s good for my health


Clap clap clap, do you feel regret?

Hold on to plastic, it’s not over yet

I’ve got about three more acts to go

And the script makes to take it slow


I brought a friend to a death match

Just to see who’ll take the first move

I don’t mean to make it too chaotic

Just seeing if you would if you could


I never ask about the when, what, or why

I’ve been standing here thinking all was fine

But then the situation changed to see you

Spitting comments on the shoes I just shined


Blah blah blah, will you ready get set?

You’re the best nothing I’ve ever met

Too cool for the beatdown that ensues

Tie my hands to the bomb, I had no clue


I brought sobriety to the late pub nights

And they all told me to get the hell out

You brought the glass to my lips again

And drowned me in self-sustaining doubt


We can laugh about all the memories we hate

Including how this one has an expiration date

Looks like you want some help, damn, just ask

Don’t keep it in and blame other lies in the past


No no no, I didn’t mean to be thinking this loud

I gave you privacy when you told me to fuck off

I guess I’m done with fun, and I’m done, it’s true

But don’t worry honey, at least it’s all about you.


I never wanted to be thinking this loud
I never asked about the when, why or how
I wanted privacy, routine and everything between
While they’re just finding me out
I never wanted to be thinking this loud…

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iodine tongue

pardon me

for being unable

to fucking heal

like you easily do

as you talk with

an isopropyl mouth

stinging these cuts

like it helped to sew

so pardon me

for being unable

to fucking heal

like you easily do

and it doesn’t really

help that you’ve

ripped the band-aid

off my bloody wound.

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Choking Hazard

I swallow the thought of you, but it never leaves past my throat

I choke on your lodged promises and throw up all over the floor

I slip clumsily on the mess that we made as my bloody veins tore

And that unfortunate fall was the main reason my asthenia broke.

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Failed Fairy Tale: Cindy Ella

Once upon a time…

Cindy Ella waited all her life for a prince to come by

“He’s handsome, he’s brave, such a wonderful guy!”

Her sisters merely laughed at her and her brothers rolled their eyes

And her parents kept shooting her looks of concern and surprise

But despite all those reactions, Cindy Ella still kept waiting

Everyday, she hopefully stared at the window, softly singing

Waiting for that one day when a handsome man taps on that glass

And save her from her boring life, get married, and live happily ever after as time passed

But alas! Such a surprise, the dreamt prince never came by

And oh Cindy, poor Cindy, realized that and started to cry

Her fantasies were shattered and her wanted illusions were a lie

And Cindy Ella, so disgraced and utterly shamed, already wanted to die

So with her paradise gone, her brain snapped and her sanity decreased

And her heart turned stone cold, her inner demons were unleashed

So Cindy, now changed, went out with a knife in hand and a big desire to slay

As screams rang out in he house and bright red painted the walls that were once a dull gray

She first killed her family, who once scorned her fairy tale

“Perhaps, if they’d believed a little more, then my dream wouldn’t fail!”

But unsatisfied, Cindy Ella wiped her messy knife and left the now-empty house

And smiling devilishly, she turned the once-peaceful town into discord as madness arose


As Cindy Ella cut off the screams of her final victim with a swift slash

Suddenly, a noble handsome prince all decked in gold, arrived in a flash

“Cindy Ella! Oh dear Cindy, I’m sorry to have come so utterly late

Please cease this chaos and madness, you do not have to meet this fate!”

His perfectly chiseled jaws spoke oh-so delicately and so nice

And he gazed upon Cindy Ella with his charming blue eyes

With grace, the prince took out a pair of gleaming glass shoes, and flashed a smile

The ten-karat  grin radiating brightness on the dismal land for over a mile

This was what Cindy Ella had always wanted, what she waited for day and age

But now, a psychopathic Cindy Ella no longer cared, her bloodshot eyes flashing with rage

Her hand instantly swung so forcefully, and as glass shattered on the floor, she laughed wildly instead

As the once-perfect and amazing prince fell off his panicked horse without his head

But in the end, Cindy was finally caught and was charged with murder, degree one

And, convicted and sentenced to die in the electric chair, Cindy Ella’s failed fairy tale was at last finally done.

…And justice lived happily ever after!

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Valentines: Valentines Post #2

V-aliantly I stride forward, holding a sharp glinting knife

A-nd begin to hack away at the useless people, beaming with pride

L-ove, murder, and blood are the only things on my mind

E-xterminate and remove, those who interfere

N-o one can stop me now, everyone cowers in fear

T-ruly, this must show my love for you

I-t also shows how much I’ll do just for you too

N-evertheless, I shed some pretty crimson blood

E-xecute some worthless people, let the corpses flood

S-laying, killing, murdering, just to say happy valentines, my love.

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Poem Shorts



Wandering into endless depths of space

Condemned in an empty void, he lost his sanity

Because time won and he lost the race

Now he’s stuck there, lost for eternity.



You tap me on the shoulder and ask me if I’m okay

I dry my eyes, smile, and simply say

“I’m fine, it’s cool, It’ll be great in all good time”

But inside I ask myself “Am I really fine?”



They say that time heals all wounds

But I simply cannot wait that long

These wounds and scars need to be healed soon

So shall we sew them up, while singing a little song?



You whisper goodbye to me

Then your words become evanescent

And like the deciduous leaves of a tree

You fall from my touch and finally break free.



Red, red, richly red

Flowing from my wrists into my bed

Streaming out of me until I’m dead

Red, red, bloody red.


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