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Misstakes and Missgivings

And he will prove that he’s a man
With wooden bed posts whittled away
With the notches, they were carved in
A little too deep, and now he’s paying for it
He’s sleeping on the floor tonight…



Grey lines overlapping past chromatic predilections

Every lie behind your back a surrendering misdirection

And checkered tiles of monochrome begin to collide

Crippling your floral pastels of a spatial spectrum inside.



Oh, he’s the starry boy you dreamt to dream about

The lamplight is dimming, his dark is the only sound

Oh, she’s the sunny girl you wished to wish around

As midnight begins fading, but her sun is rising south.



Jaded tally marks that bore of no prior ill intentions

Experimental humanity, to prove one’s selfless remedy

Jealous carved notches that dug past poor decisions

Hypothetical insanity, the truth of one’s selfish disparity.



I wouldn’t dare separate those traitors from the sinners

The difference is a gradual distortion of perceptiveness

If I were to dissect myself as my blood’s growing thinner

I’ll inject a dose of my own irrationality, when I confess.



Attachment is not a currency made to be paid for in stacks

Clattering like calloused dimes worn out with nicked sides

It’s not a tarnished nickel abandoned in a locked cash box

Restricted only to when you need the spare change to abide.


I’ll tell my proudest secrets
Don’t mind if you can’t keep them
Well, lately it’s been mayday
So tell me, why is this your favorite sin?
Oh baby, lately it’s been mayday
So tell me why you wanna fake
Why you wanna fake it?

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I can’t buy you a black heart, you already have mine

I will buy you black dahlias for when you’ll soon return

When the jacks top the pile and all the judges adjourn

I’ll play you a tune, strum empty space in my theremin

You’ll be blushing carnation posies, a flushed melanin


I will buy you black kittens for when you can concede

When the auctioneers play their life, into the final bids

I’ll slay you a djinn, I’ll make xanthene stars disappear

You’ll be drowning in silver, and drinking day-old beer


I will buy you black shoes for when you jig and show up

When the most futile of molasses spill over their cusps

I’ll relay a broken melody, perhaps a lost Liberace score

You’ll be avoiding tears on the checkered linoleum floor


I will buy you black scarves, keep your arterial blood warm

When the conspiracies falter and gypsies lose their charm

I’ll pray you a stale Angelus, and wait for the Lord to rapture

You’ll be in an open field, awaiting your last inevitable capture


I will buy you black snow for when you can finally find your way back home

When I accept the fact that you’re quiescent, resting under loam and stones

I’ll drink my hot eggnog, open presents of shadows, and I’ll solemnly remember

You’ll be cold and white as winter night, like my soul is in this solitary December.

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Material Sensibilities

I saw the world today
It comes in green and gray
Refrigerator humming
Chewing gum and instant karma
The wars are whoring
All the stores are bored with all your money
We follow what’s to come, that’s what they sold to me…


All of humanity is deeply indulged in a hive behaviour of acquiring the finest of wares

Updated in the latest haute couture, showing off their phones and 80 dollar styled hairs

Shiny white teeth grinning blindingly in ads, caught in the act of false commercialism

I guess we’re all just mindless parasites bloated with festering materialism


Consuming, devouring endlessly, like frenzied sharks left starving for days

Always demanding, taking, and buying, but putting everything bought to waste

Sales galore, percentage stores, midnight rush while stocks still last, love

The cheery PA crackles alive, good day, my dearest shoppers, are your brains also 80% off?


We all demand the latest technology like rabid technophile hoarders

But still stick to our past decayed metal like filthy scampering scavengers

We grab on the shelves madly, keep and hide until there’s nowhere else left for storage

Taking up space everywhere, polluting this world with toys, goods, and gadgets


Landfills and nature’s beauty littered with endless rusty human traces

Broken appliances and acquisitions that were never used once, newest of trashes

We are all connected, syncopated, sold out, we’re all lobotomised and wired

Burning green paper into a choking bonfire until the dollar stores get tired


We all got into car crashes gawking up at the gargantuan showoff billboards

We hurt the hate and money talks but to listen to them we never get bored

We bury ourselves into deep wallowing and try to ignore our problematic issues

We scream inside revving Ferraris and sob into our high-quality soft Kleenex tissues


Ruthless high-scale companies hide their horns, pretend to warmly come to our need’s aid

Reassuring like a pal that you’ll save some cash if you followed what they dictate

Amusement parks and longest lines and quick queues that all lead into Hell

And the Devil greets you by the gates, with posters and mugs and hats to sell


We’ve bought the entire planet and still we lust to auction off the silver stars

Sucking everything in our path until all that’s left are jagged grey scars

Never leaving anything for those who need it, as we peddle for dematerializing sensibility

Oh won’t you spare a just a little dime for this consumed materialistic humanity?


Oh, we’ve made a mistake
We’ve lost our minds
We’ve lost our memory
Oh, what’s it gonna take?
There’s always something else
Waiting on the shelf…

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