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Angel of the Lord, you declared you’ll protect me

Banishing sigil etched on your chest, boldly sending yourself unto purgatory

I might have temporarily lost your faith, but you invigorated my sensibility

When you told me that I’m not the burnt and broken shell of a man that you believed me to be.



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The Angel By My Bedside

When angels fall with broken wings
I can’t give up, I can’t give in
When all is lost and daylight ends
I’ll carry you and we will live forever, forever…


I lay cowering in my bed with some salt and a glinting knife

As they lurk by the foot of my bed, ruthless creatures of the night

Wraiths and monsters and ghosts and shapeshifters galore

Wendigos and werewolves, shadowy demons in their pure raw horror


I’ve tried to fight back, to find my instincts as a hunter

There’s no one left to protect me for they’ve both gone, my mother and father

And my bold little brother, who sits and fights beside me too

I try to keep a brave fa├žade for him, but I know he could see it through


What’s little of our protective bed is being shaken, slowly being torn apart

We’re both standing on our tiptoes as we slash at their unbeating hearts

But then we feel a touch at our shoulders, a radiant light fills the hopeless room

Our angel has finally heard us screaming, and saved us from certain doom


Hearing our desperate prayers when every angel turned a deaf ear

Cast out of heaven and rendered weak, and yet he still rebelled from what they feared

The angel by my bedside, taking great lengths of risk to protect us outright

Ensuring our bed of hope never crumbles, and always providing his ethereal nightlight.

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Apocalypse Rising

“I was the one who gripped you tight and raised you from perdition.” ~Castiel


The hellhounds, they finally caught up with me

And dragged me into the deepest layers of hell

I suffered for what felt like twice an eternity

There was no foreseeable escape, that much I could tell


Until I suddenly awoke with a jolt, under the earth

Asleep in my own grave, six feet under the dirt

An angry red mark on my shoulder, a handprint, sign of reborn

Left by the dark angel that pulled me into salvation


Now whispered secrets lie ahead, betrayal and alliance

The wind is blowing up a tempest, shed blood and defiance

Tenebris starts to seep in the planet, as war hangs a heavy cloud

Creatures and tricksters run amok, leaving a hopeless trail in their shroud


The dark angel has spoken, his uttered words like painful static

All demons lie with burning eyes, helpless and pathetic

I’ve got another ally now, but now I’m not sure I could still trust

Because my very own brother’s burying earth-shattering secrets under the dust.


(Based on Supernatural S04E01.)

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