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Shackles and Ventricles

Unchain my heart, baby let me be
Unchain my heart
‘Cause you don’t care about me
You’ve got me sewed up like a pillow case
But you let my love go to waste
Unchain my heart, set me free…


It’s a lightning bolt

Sent straight to my temple

A five-dollar nosebleed

Waiting to drain my mind

It’s a taste of delirium

In the middle of the night

Suspense in mid-chorus

And I’m trapped in the stars

So unchain my heart

Why don’t you?


I’m aware that

You’re way past caring

For me, oh darling

But it would be nice

For you to spell my name

In sand and not dirt

And let me keep falling

This misery would last me

A decade and a century

But it’s only a restless

Second-half for your clock

So unchain my heart

Why don’t you?


It’s my fault for

Giving in and giving you the

Silver lock and key

So send me on my way

And perhaps I can

Still recover, maybe

They think I’m insane for

Biting on the metal bars

But I’m only gnawing

On myself to set me free

Because you think that

That’s a no-can-do

But prove them wrong and

Please unchain my heart

Why won’t you?


Won’t you let me go
That you don’t love me no more
Like a man in a trance, let me go
I’m under your spell
Like a man in a trance
And you’re no doubt aware
That I don’t stand a chance
No, you don’t care…

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Gold Memory Impression

And life is a joke, at least I can love you
Naked and tattooed, counting the stars and scars
And if the pain is a sound, let’s slow it down
Desperate times and desperate measures
I come so close, my hopes are severed by the downside
A million waves in the ocean crash at once
To make you smile…


A million gold chain links keep me

From reaching your constellations

Idled in a twenty-four hour carpark

5 AM’s ticking away consternation

Chasing the moon whilst in flames

Trace your caved-in lungs and eyes

A stalactite drips your frozen name

Aroma of an elixir that I so despise

Dear, you’re intoxicating as stardust

You’re my personal brand of alcohol

I’m branded by seventeen tally marks

Scratching poems on limestone walls

Unopened pack of A-Lucky Cigarettes

Dragging sanity in soft pewter whorls

Acrid tastes of initial cheaper regrets

As midnight ashes begin softly to fall

I wash the warm blood off my hands

And reach for you, my own lucky star

These rust chains will dissolute soon

Yet leave jagged edges of ruby scars

Still, no matter, that don’t matter now

Your luminance is worth all the pains

Honey, the only thing that I care about

Are your lips leaving a permanent stain.


Now, I only pray when it all goes down
I’ll be surrounded by the ones I’ve loved
And cared about, and then burn it down
Your serotonin’s gone, kerosene’s gone
The sunset is gone, so hold on…

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(A poem inspired by the anime Pandora Hearts.)

Wind back the endless time

The turn of the broken chime

Destroy the memories I once created

Remove the pains that I once experienced


The sweet music that flows from my veins

The box of happy memories that I forever lost

The endless links of silver scintillating chains

Revealing my secret, hurtful past


A soft silver thread ties our destinies

So delicate, fragile, like butterfly wings

The slow and intricate melody it sings

Which holds our clandestine souls in one piece


Just like an untouchable, thorny, blood-red rose

I gaze at you longingly from far away with a shattered heart

I want to protect your delicate smile and be so close

Although it will break my scarred hands apart


The chains and the contract may bind me in my soul

But my love for you, it will never bind in hate

They my try to make me bleed and step me out of my role

But for you, I will gladly accept my terrible fate


The acrid, stinging poison that tastes so sweet

The shining pure tears filled with joyous defeat

The rose that I hold in my hands, with blood remains

Laughing happily, yet with a tinge of pain


I’ll wait for you, my love, my dear

I’ll wait forever in the dark chasm of the abyss

Hold back your hate, terror, anger, fear

Because when we’re finally reunited…

Those thorns intertwining your arms and legs will surely dissolve into amiss.

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