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bad dog

he runs his mouth

without tiring, but

he still gets nowhere—


for he’s only going

around in circles, and

chasing his own tail.

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Carthago Delenda Est

“Save yourself, don’t ever look back…”


the mishaps they prophesised

is just another lost epoch for me

over my head, the neon glow

flickers with creed of premonition


madness, restored under faith

under penance and keeping such

congeniality running circles in a

genuflected vacation for hedonism


the sirens rehearsed another tale

unsatisfied with the heralded audition

drowning the ingenuity in between

applauses of deranged diaspora


disparaging exhilaration eliminating

the oxytocin behind my constantly evolving

flesh again, as the vicarious deception

makes me bow my head and continue the end.

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Cloudburst Cogitations #5: Ring Around The Riot

Pinwheels and whirligigs

Dizzy, dizzy, dizzying me

Ferris wheels and carousels

Spinny, spinny, spinning free


Revolving discombobulation

A blurry world in fast rotation

Colours blending, vision bending

Until your two feet are wending


Circles silly, dithering twirly

Dizzy, spinny, dizzy, spin me

Pirouette faint to a final slow

Giggle as you fall from vertigo.


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Nowhere to Go

Running in circles

To find a treasure

But undiscovered

Uncorrupted, pure


Dancing in circles

Looking for a way

The pirates claim

For their own day


Spinning in circles

To find mine alone

Too late did I know

I’ve none to take home.

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☆ so dizzy ★


spinning, we in

carousels and

totem poles and

wedding bells

twirling, we in

seven balls and

fairy lights, we

deck the halls

rotating, we in

clay pot jars and

wide awake to

watch the stars

pirouetting, we in

ballet moves and

forest shafts and

tree trunk grooves

whirling, we in

bicycle hills and

bus field trips and

steering wheels

eddying, we in

sailing boats and

rippling circles and

waters of purple

revolving, we in

our worlds, in

milky ways and

candied words

spiralling, we in

motions fall as

we dizzy, out of



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