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Cosmic Trailblazing


Auroras touch my soul with limerence

Its nebulae touching my eyes, unknown

Glowing with utter incandescence

Like glimmering bubbles carefully blown

Iridescent, flowing with chromaticity

And yes, only ephemeral, sadly.


I’m sondering in solitude

Tasting the petrichor, the smell of grass

As luminescence passes slowly by

The planets in syzygy onto the sky

Serenity, comforted by the ethereal light

The darkness around me, yet enflames my heart alight.


Dusk kisses the skies, twilight set

Painting a kaleidoscopic sunset

The world turns tenebrific, yet worry not

For the moon and the universe blazes hot

Let the constellations bid you a safe goodnight

And tomorrow the dawn shall be your delight.


Bask upon the heavenly stars, you infer

And serendipity just might occur

A fleeting shooting star graces on by

So you whisper a wish, and bid your goodbyes

And perhaps, just perhaps, it’ll whisper back an epiphany

A secret of the universe, so oblivion you could no longer see.


I’m caged in an entropic, caliginous wormhole

You spread your wings and dash freely by

My angel, I breathe your name, I scream and call

And yet all you could do is watch and cry

But someday, I’ll break free, and you’ll hazard a trip inside

And together we’ll dissolve into the event horizon side by side.


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If Only

If only I could learn to hide the weapons that drain me of my color

My guns, my pills, my sharp little razors

If only I could pick up the pieces of the broken glass from my dresser

And buy a new mirror that does not show me as a monster

If only I could remove the persistent voices in my head

Remove the cold slithery whispers that always wish me dead

If only I could wash all the dried blood of my hands

Erase my tracks, remove the prints, move off to a faraway land

If only I knew how to make some new friends

Make this infinite stretch of sadness and loneliness finally end

If only I could get rid of all the poisonous words and all the venomous hate

Eject the putrid toxins that stop me from being great

If only I could teach myself how to clear the static

Block the white noise, clean the blurs, replace it with music

If only I could change the bursting, fleeting emotions inside of me

Find the key, open the lock, and finally set my feelings free

If only I could break free from these masks of hollow lies

Reveal myself, show my true face, strip myself off this fake disguise

If only I could be brave, use my powerful voice, and gladly shout

Let the energy burst throughout my body as I run and sprint about

If only I could learn how to have fun, stop this endless pantomime

Enjoy my short life, taking on the big world one step at a time

If only I found the color of life, the chromaticity

Finally fix my problems, shake those gray chains off, and set myself free

If only I could let go of my hurtful, haunting past

And live my life in the present at last

…If only I didn’t die first.

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Color Me

(Took a break from the depressing dark stuff~)


Like the sparkling blue water in oceans and seabeds

Like the blood flowing inside us, richly red

Like the chartreuse leaves, rustling in the wind

Like the bright yellow flowers, dancing by our skins


Fill me with your continuum of colors

Make me one and fuse me with the others

Paint my life with your colorful palette

With tones of red, green, yellow, blue, orange, and violet


Like the soft brown soil beneath our feet

Like the fierce orange sun, blazing with heat

Like the mysterious night skies, dashed with black and purple

Like the peach colored sky at day, looking pretty and cool


Splash my dull life with all the hues and shades

Make all the gray, black, and white fade

I live most of my life with monochrome and bore

Yet I still manage to add a dash of color.

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Your bright and vivid color is sure to catch our eyes

Your audacious hues, your bold tones, you overflow with surprise

Your candescent shades, your glowing casts, your greatly lustrous colors

You are surely standing out above among the others

Dye me scarlet, stain me crimson, bepaint me with redness

Like the flagrant color of the sky, scarlet-tinted as the sun sets

Tinge me maroon, splash me with auburn, color me carmine

Like the blood that flows in our hearts

That keeps us alive and fine.

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