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La Casa Sulla Luna

Sitting happily in my little house on the moon

Fishing for twinkling stars to alleviate my gloom

Counting the kindly comets that wave me goodbye

As I dig up craters in search for crystal gems and mines

I skip and smile and dance on the softly glowing rock

I love watching the yellow blazing sun rotate on my viewing dock

My humble abode, where I’m free to explore and hide

But even every perfect place has their own dark side.


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Cosmic Spill

I encase the spinning galaxies in my hand

Planets in my eyes, nebulaes ebb in my blood

Quasars, constellations, dotting my body, off they fly

The universe in my system, explode and reborn as I die.


Are we humans alone in this mysterious universe?

Or can our simple songs travel across planets and be heard?

Light years away, our verses are delivered

Let’s wait until demise for their voices to be echoed.


I am in shameless limerence with the stars

Their incandescent light, time travel, in an epoch

No longer alive when they reach our skies

An ethereal relationship that cannot be stopped.


Comet, comet, wound ’round my head well

Scorching my eyebrows with your sparking tail

Comet, comet, I bid you farewell

May you not shatter your light and ultimately fail.


You and I can stop the lights from going out tonight

Let’s unfurl open our wings, and the gravity we fight

Taste the cosmos as we waltz across the auroras and the sun

Gliding in the night skies in ineffable bliss and oblivion.


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