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mental block. (2)


you were a


but i just didn’t

know how to

connect the dots.


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☆ constellations ★


pinpricks of light

connected stars

lines of neutron

illustrations afar

nexus of stories

depicted scenes

painted on onyx

firmament’s skin

astrological heart

luminance of grace

weaving a tale as

elegant as space

concatenate vestal

bleeding purity

yet much wondrous

dear, how i see

that it connects

distant stars as one

and gives life to

myriad dots of sun

oh how i wish on a comet

that we two little stars can be

a constellation together

to make our own story.


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February Heart

February stars
Floating in the dark
Temporary scars
February stars…


Shoot me another spastic heart

And tales of February stars

They may keep our distance apart

But lead us closer still


Lend me a steady hand or two

In building, fixing our cosmos blue

Purple pebbles we throw at the sky

Clouds purify the charlatan lies


Take a leap or two at the year

And wooden leaves fall at our fear

Another hedonistic lore we’ll surely share

Connecting us better than physical cares.

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