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drumlins and storm surge

I still like to think
That there’s hope
Time just has its say
Strawberries left to decay…


unbound cliffs


i see spindles

of thunder float

behind studded



the day is only

young if i

ask it to; my spine is

cracked like an

unloved book, but

the writing has faded


into bloated gums

swelling with


swear on your god

knife to paper

ink to straw


touch the edge

of the cloud for another


strikes twelve

under turbid gazes,



The hunter gets hunted
We all get confronted
Don’t just slip away
Voices that start to betray…

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make me rewind

the words that i said

as retreating tides

crashed in my head


the coastlines swear

the salt breeze screams

tsunamis screeching

this maelstrom deemed


but all that’s left

after the angry storm

is a calm darkness

and i drenched in scorn.

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the cyclone

riptides roar

tsunamis soar

hurricane waves

can’t be saved

ocean rages

howling winds

desperate surges

sailing stints

whirlpool wailing

water flowing

of salt and sand

ships unmanned

seas slow down

as sirens serenade

the storm has passed

and calm is made.

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