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Blood Will Have Blood

The reverent situation embellished in derelict plinths

A monolithic monument for the glorious and the bold

Calm deceit that shackled itself by the crumbling base

Of the cavalier and honourables, now but history aged

Voices of the casualties pilfered from pernicious graves

What must be forgotten is an imprint of those who saved

The damned beaten down into the ground from which they lay

Sacrificing blood so clockwork eyes may live to see another war-bent day.

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Us Clever Fools

Listening, are you stupid or what?
Just using words
No simpleminded person would know…


“What say you not, my dear?”

You ask precariously, yet somewhat jauntily

From your gilded tongue, cunningly cavalier

Using sugarcoated words, sliding smoothly like honey

I should have noticed that slight slither

Like a snake about to devour its prey, a ruthless predator

But I was broken apart, and apparently deaf

Wishing for any and all company that I never met

And so I talked.


“What say you not, you idiot?”

Falling to my knees, I ask myself one more time

Equanimity forgotten, heart in a hard clot

Spitting words cathartically, trying to purge the poison in mine

You should not have noticed my vulnerability

You should have walked away, leaving me a piece more whole

But you are edacious, stopping at nothing to have fun at trickery

Preying at us hopeless, rotten, pathetic, affinitic fools

Now I’m at a loss for words.

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