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Play Fetch Then, Motherfucker

Lash out for the sake of acting cute, the vulgar words you spout

Do you kiss your fucking boyfriend with that twisted mouth?

Stick the knife to his side and try to play it nice, well bully for him

We’re too used to it, so you let yourself bite some unmarred skin


Black out for the sake of being modest, when virtue’s such a whore

Do you defend your boyfriend when he’s nothing but a fucking bore?

Bleed his mind and bark for him, but don’t put your poor dog down

And trample us, ’cause we’re all you have left to smear on your holy ground.

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Ruby Woo

Sit around waiting for the spark to fade
You can add another face to your pity parade
I can’t believe it, I’ve never felt so cheated
Knock me down, it was all pretend
You set me back up just to do it again…


I hope that you’re proud

Making fun of the boys on the street

That bruised their knees

And couldn’t get back up again after

While you swallow yourself

Whole, lipstick girl with a lipstick heart

Defending her own jealous

“I’ll be happy forever and ever and ever”


I hope that you’re proud

For making fun of the people that couldn’t

Stitch their lungs as well

As you probably thought you fucking did

While no air leaves your

Open lips, lipstick girl with a lipstick brain

Pretending that her beauty

Is nothing more than an ugly kind of pain.


What am I supposed to do, uh oh
When she’s so damn cold, like twenty below?
That girl, that girl, she’s such a bitch
I tell myself I can handle it…

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Viral Infestation

I see you wish to irritate me, as some sort of childish notion

To tickle my exhausted heart with plucked flitting feathers

And to broaden the steep horizons of unjust vexation

You’re like an obnoxious toxic chemical that corrodes and weathers


Inching carefully you spread, threading through my veins

Into my brain, injecting your growing anomaly directly

A prod at my spine, grate some nerves off for pain

Wishing to break down the barriers of sheer madness and sanity


But like a system slowly building up its immunity

Or an abrasive annoyance of a pesky allergy

I could easily defend, and be immune to your silly antics

So go ahead and be a virus, for my soul is hypoallergenic.

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