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Losing Oxygen

Every famous blunt excuse

That left scuffs on the soles of your shoes

A three-dimensional dementia

Escaping with a bloodied insignia

The air feels solid; just another futile reach

Of what is unhinged and rusted away

Nuanced flares, serendipitous glimpses

Desperation worth what you needed to say

Push and pull at the faulty gravity

As the swelling throats, unable to scream,

Still sing until dehydration and reverie

Now transcending into an angel’s bad dream.

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Reposed Benediction

The lost lackadaisical figures roaming

Had nowhere else to go

The squalid filthy silhouettes

The empty souls wandering so


The planet was a massive wreck

The hills alive with the sounds of dementia

And no one knew how to take action

To rebuild this ruined dystopia


So instead they rebuilt their gods

And begged madly for consecration

But all their forced faith garnered them

Was utter desecration.

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