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decant the wine

clink that glass

toast my heart

and sip disdain

turn corkscrews

to keep the haze

from fermenting

within my brain.

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Dissent in Disdain

So scream your heart out, you are the chosen
We gotta show them silence is the enemy
Scream it out loud, we are the broken
We gotta show them silence is the enemy…


Severely mollified, a notion horrified

Just a desperate old lie desensitised

Waging another war of broken bones

Laced with gravel diamond undertones


Speak louder now, your voice forgotten

Echoing hollow on the empty mountain

Yet the silent screams relayed unheard

And Seraphim songs a deaf ear turned


Wayward tongues seeking lost advice

Turning unravel, the pocket watch cries

A burning polaroid, a sprinkle of ashes

Gods are cruel, Earth’s gravity passes


Eloquence lost under senseless protest

Undermined numbers clearly detested

And when our throats are clipped away

Our golden swords will voice their disdain.

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