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dream or reality?

that was the most fun

i have ever had in my

fuckfest of a ruined life

if I can do it again, i will

but when i woke up, it

all dissolved, and i am

back to kissing knives

just so i could try to feel.

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Say goodbye my love
I can see it in your soul
Say goodbye my love
Thought that I could make you whole
Let your lover sail
Death was made to fail…


Two perpendicular souls

Clambering for a tight hold

Lacklustre and senseless

Exceeding with ebullience

Clamouring and reaching

Fingers almost touching

Grazing but never holding

Hands parallel, not closing

Stretched muscles so tense

Creaking old bones dense

Finding a way out of deliria

Minds contradict dementia

Listen to their broken hearts

Pounding like wilder drums

And they carry on the singing

Trying to connect red strings

Against the resplendent haze

Against the turbulent tidal waves

They’ll reach ’til they lose their hold

They’ll fight hard ’til their souls dissolve.


Babe I know love is a funny thing
Born to die in the eternal spring…

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