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all this aggression

unchecked, just left

shaking in my chest

knuckles sore and red

the need to distress, find

anguish, and cause pain

and feel pain, be harmed

and do it again and again


all this aggression

repressed, recessed

clouding common sense

coppery taste of bruises

the urges, uncontrollable

and one of these days, it’s

going to get me in trouble

but i’ll be too angry to care.

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Mademoiselle Pluie

Rain, must you be such a frigid, dwindling cruel mistress

That ensconces me in your embrace when I’m in distress?

Prevaricating verboten aphorism with your cool pinnacle

Driving away such tenacious brevity and a respite cynical

Rain, must you be the edifice of my melancholia mourned

Your querulous forbearance betwixt me when I’m forlorn?

Fulminated sulphurous burns that fount my divested skin

Yet when I’m mollified, I find myself abandoned yet again.

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