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You’re the anchor

In my wrists

The gleaming blade

In my pendulum


You’re the cavity

In my quiet smile

The heave of my

Vulnerable pericardium


You’re the torn skin

In my cold lips

The glint of light

In my glass shards


You’re the smudged dust

In my spectacles

The blurry red eyes

In my polaroid discards


You’re the voice

Inside my empty lungs

The sudden curses

Under my breath


You’re the comatose

In my hazeless dream

The last vaccine before

Infection leads to death.


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dizzying drizzles

face the sun, and i’ll keep the rain

well, it’s been a long time coming now

this summertime taste of faintest petrichor

and childishly reminiscing faded epochs

mind not the cold fever and stranger looks

i will dance to rhythms of our favourite songs

flumes washing away the plastic headaches

and these constant tremors shaking my hands

like quiet earthquakes—the crevices in between

falling into my thoughts, breaking out from

lukewarm routine and tepid temperatures

crashing down hazily into sluggish endeavours

but i won’t melt away into a puddle just yet

i’ll go pick up your sunshine from the ground

and we can slip away into pastel phantasms

where i’ll be sure to keep your laughter safe and sound.

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stitches and cosmonauts

9:09 PM.

this picnic blanket

is meant for


stars tailored


into constellations

spelling out

l o v e

and music made to be

sang out loud

to the countless


and ringing laughter

and embraces

still left for

the both of us…

but you’re just another

phantom dream


without a second

thought, and

i’m just a

lonely figure

covered in shadows

and comet trails

and this fickle

cold weather

as i write

cliché poetry in

the dim nothingness,

still hoping and


for warmth,

for a lost chance,

for a picnic blanket

meant for


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Lights Off

Saturday, 8:41 PM. Earth hour. Los Baños becomes nothing but a phantom silhouette—a haunting afterimage trapped in a glass universe, a distant cosmic echo; reduced to faint outlines fading out into darkness. Humans taper off into pale wandering ghosts.

The stars are in full bloom tonight.

It’s easier to get lost in the incarcerating qualms of one’s infinitesimal existence. Without violent neon glows and blinding horizons to distract from the infinite oceans of nothingness, one is left to float among elusive shadows and falling atmospheres; still quietly wondering.

Surely enough, it’s only an hour of vespertine vigil, barely a notch in time; before the lights flicker back on, and reality takes its steady hold on this hazy daydream once more.

But for now, this pure nothingness—frigid breeze coalescing with transient eventide,

It’s beautiful.

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Awiting Buntala (Comet Songs)

Nakahiga sa kaparangan

At minamasdan ang buwan

Bumubulong ng tahimik

Nawala sa lumang panaginip

Kahit malamig ang ihip ng hangin

Sapat na ang bawat mahinay na tingin

Habang humaharana ang sandaigdig

At ako’y nalulugod sa pakikinig

Umaasa pa rin, sa isang balang araw

Na merong nakakabit na dito at ikaw

At ang bawat patak ng asul na gabi

Mahuhulog, matutulog sa ating tabi.

Lying on the meadows

And gazing at the moon

Whispering rather quietly

Lost in a vintage dream

Though the breeze blows cold

Each peaceful gaze is enough

While the universe serenades

And I am lulled while I listen

Still hoping for a someday soon

Connecting both here and you

As every drop of this cobalt midnight

Falls to repose between us two.

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you were in my dreams last night.

it was barely for five minutes, and yet

you still made my insides twist into

a quiet, nervous, childish smile—

when i woke up, i found i had a flurry

of butterfly dust dazing my thoughts

and bitter nectar on my tongue where

your dulcet nickname used to be.

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For My Wanderer

Mine lasting light, mine lasting dream

Pray take this bliss upon thy skin

And with it, kiss thine parting brow

Forever then, forever now

Though angels scorn thy weeping face

‘Tis mine to love in purest gaze

Though hell speaks wrong in solemn tides

Thou art the blue of mine lost night


Mine lasting light, mine lasting dream

Pray take this bliss and hold within

A thousand kiss upon thine lips

Forever then, forever seeks

Though heaven scorns thy soft embrace

‘Tis mine to love, and mine to grace

Though devils curse in listless tongues

Thou art mine blue, thou art mine sun.

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March Miracles

This March, I wish for miracles

For muted sunsets with more meaning

For smudged sunscreen and summer sweetness

For neon melodies and sparklers exploding


In a myriad riot of excited celebrations

From late night kisses and senseless stars

And another birthday without a haze of blues

Feeling the warmth of home from afar


When I no longer chase for sprained daydreams

Because you were right there all along

To be my cause, my cure, my counterpart

To be my reason to write better songs


So I’ll rest in idyllic afternoons of yellow

Under the shade of softly-swaying palm trees

Wind rustling my hair, smile in my teeth

As all of my worries momentarily cease


For every catastrophe, for every cosmic lie

For every sugarcoated scheme, sweeter than a sigh

For every clever credence, for every convalescence

For every severed space where nothing else makes sense


This March, I wish for miracles

For messes and madness with more meaning

This March, I wish, I hope, I miss, I will go

Follow everything I love and know, and maybe I’ll keep my soul singing.

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if i’m being honest

you make my heart leap in fathoms;

dazed with love and imperfections, i’m

utterly smitten by you


you’re my slip of the tongue,

my careless laugh out of nowhere,

the pursuit of scarlet lipstick and radical change;

you make me hope for impossibilities and singularity


wishing there’s a dream where i appear—do i

wake you up in butterfly palpitations

the same way you leave me unready, completely

unsteady in the dead of the

wandering night?


(it’s a fickle thought that keeps me going

despite all my misfortunes and the

arrogant reality of our transatlantic million miles away)


i’ve found another “one”

but i don’t want to count higher, this time.


my ribs ache for your missing

puzzle piece, the final fractal of fire that

will keep me warm against apophenic shadows and

keeps me breathing on for infinities…


you make my heart leap in fathoms;

dazed with love and reckless notions, i’m

utterly smitten by you.

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Mailap (Elusive)


Nagpipilit, gumigiit

Ang huwad na karamdaman

Lasa ng iyong mga ngiti

Hindi maiwasan, nakasanayan

Saluhin, kantiin

Nalulunod sa pag-ulan

Parinig, pakinggan

Ang kantang ‘di mapigilan

Nasaktan nanaman

Kaluluwang hindi matagpuan

At sino nga ba naman ako

Para sa iyo ay magpabisto?


Pumpilit, humihirit

Nasisiraan na ng bait

Mga bulaklak na tinahak

Tamis na napariwara ulit

Ang kasiyahang mapusyaw

Ng iyong sinag ng araw

Mapagpanggap na kapalaran

Ako kaya’y iyong mapagbigyan

Sa reklamo ng aking sining?

Sa makasariling hiling sa bituin?

Para ang kanyang kamay ay aking masagip

Sa sariling sakim na panaginip?


English Translation:

Forcing and scolding

All these false emotions

The taste of your smiles

I can’t help but get used to

Catching and hurting

Drowned out by the rain

To hear and to listen

To the song that never ceases

Hurt, yet again

A soul that cannot be found

And really, who am I

To let myself be known by you?


Forcing and hinting

Slowly going insane

For the flowers I have sent

Sweetness, lost once again

A jubilance most vibrant

From the rays of your sun

A fate most deceitful

Can I be given a chance

For the protests of my art?

For these selfish wishes on a star?

So that their hands, I could save

From my own avaricious dreams?

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