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the story

don’t make me run

to the ends of the earth

looking for an ending

for i could chase it

my entire life and still

find myself at the beginning.

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v.) sunset cinema.


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Do You Want It All?

Cause I’m tired and I’m restless
And I’m pretty sure I met my match
And I lie here defenceless
I’m the Sunday hunters weekend war
I’ve been here, I’ve been here before…


My whole throat is wrapped all around the bedroom

And they’re singing “you’re gonna get what’s coming to you”

But I dance along to the beat of summer’s monsoons

Spinning hurricanes like weekends behind your eyes so blue

Come see me in the days that you always counted down

Starving the thoughts in your head without a simpler warning

To taste the pillows like it’s mint chocolates in a hotel bed

So when you drink your coffee, it will sting like a sour morning

But you won’t haunt me all the way into the suffocating dirt

Wash those stains off your collar and lead the colours to the earth

Take a long walk in sunset park, and I will make you believe

You will get what’s coming to you, and it’s more than what you need.


This is a warning, never gonna get
Never gonna get me out this town
Let’s start the mourning, never gonna see
Never gonna see another day…

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i were to reach

the ends of the earth

looking for a smile

i wouldn’t find any

for it was in my

heart all the while.

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Vita Dell’aldilà: An Tragedy Opera in Four Parts

A makeshift smile, a polished look
Some rehearsed lines was all it took
He had it down, man, he was good
A woman screams, her mother weeps
A life so changed irrevocably
What he stole from her is gone for good…



Shadows under a spotlight, curtains calling and faces falling

Misfortune malady and maidens in masks, tickets outselling

The man of the show, the leading actor dies of a heart attack

They applaud his craft, the prima donna screams come back…



Pantomimes place props, as paramedics arrive for scene two

The act has turned, audiences gasp, orchestra goes crescendo

A stagehand slips and farers faint, dim lighting and all is dire

Cigar tossed, a painted background of inferno catches on fire…



The doctor announces the demise of a thespian, tears are shed

Performers pause for unfortunate condolence, in a quiet stead

Breaths hushed and whispers silenced in devastated memorial

As the stage director pays his respects, and indicates the burial…



But the artists recover, as the crowd settles down to a murmur

Limelight brightens, musical tempo, inquiries made no further

The poor cadaver carried away to the morgue to be cared upon

Death might watch from the audience, but the show shall go on.


When the purest soul is stained by sin
To the public eye where can she begin?
She lost it all and it’s gone for good
And she may never beat the system
But she won’t rest until she’s turned
The villain to the victim…

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Blue-tinted Lenses

Humans loving humans

An achieving blue moon dream

No judgement or exception

For we’re all on the same team

Hearts tied like florilegiums

Anthologies of puissant emotion

A present for our own present

In silk viridian and azure ribbons

So let’s remove our corrupted affliction

And whenever you chance to see someone

Pray not see colour, religion, or affiliation

Instead, look into the eyes of a fellow human.

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The ocean might be yours

And earth you maybe carry

But I will not wish remorse

For the sky belongs to me.

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Stardust Reveries

Then he waited, marshaling his thoughts and brooding over his still untested powers. For though he was master of the world, he was not quite sure what to do next. But he would think of something.” ~2001: A Space Odyssey; Arthur C. Clarke


So say that the tattoos

On phantom skin

Are cobwebs of stars


Maybe the atmosphere

That you breathed

Pierce the veil and mars


Birthed from singularity

Incandescence of

A binary planet system


Suspended animations

Earth’s a play toy

Unbeknownst to realm


Hyperspace surrealism

White dwarf on a

Sun’s horizon falling fast


Man was built for clever

Whims, yet, they

Are never meant to last


Crash through a Stargate

Extrasolar negative

Transcending humanity


Tip of an ethereal finger

Detonating dawn

Instilling a false clarity


Interstellar absurdities

Ebon polaris pins

Andromeda memories


Make way for hydrogen

Of one star child

And its stardust reveries.

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If the sky that we look upon should tumble and fall
Or the mountain should crumble to the sea
I won’t cry, I won’t cry, no, I won’t shed a tear
Just as long as you stand, stand by me…


Why won’t you just stand by me

When my flimsy lullabies falter

Dissolving into stars so sullenly

Speckling the midnight splatter

When the thin air is suffocating

My lungs like a veil of pollution

Breathe, my oxygen effervescing

Heaven’s my only proper solution

The placid moon refines its aura

Into one masterful stained glass

Ready to hear the mournful coda

Of an operatic Valkyrie’s cold lass

Why won’t you simply stand by me

When I’m all apt to be falling apart

Is this but my astrological reveries

Built by a wandering glitched heart

Perhaps I dare now to be neurotic

My tales taller than a red sequoia

In this beach of sands and plastic

You’re the most nebulous paranoia

As sporadic as an elemental spirit

Donning your perverse confluence

And a lopsided smile that’s conduit

For a clandestine mischievousness

Darling, won’t you stand, stand by me

When the galaxy catches my attention

And celestial kingdoms align recklessly

We’ll watch Earth’s theatrical revolution

This quaint planet’s divested, so let it be

Come walk with me for last destination

And I shall carry you home into eternity

Where we can finally sit to rest our notions.

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Days Of Lost Innocence

Sunk the glow and drowned in covers
Send for all your absent lovers things
Sheepish wolves
Looking lived-in, eating buttons
Wink, just don’t put your teeth on me
Go on…


Where did all those days of lost innocence go?

The throes of her softest halo hair in an aureole glow

Portraits, polaroids, and daguerreotypes glimmering

Polished by the optimistic sun’s falling glorious rays

Like those cool waterfalls we’ve ended up watching

In the backyard, under the faint lawn sprinkler’s haze

Absent minded laughs last and skipping flat stones

Now it’s but shattered teeth and beaten backbones


Where did all those days of lost innocence go?

The giggling cobaltous clouds draping Earth quite low

Taste sweet candy matter and citrus lemonade water

Hyping our nerves until we’re both as mad as a hatter

And falling headfirst inside Rosie’s magical fairy ring

Listen now to the drizzle’s woeful charms alleviating

Red peppermint stripes in collision with pretty lights

Now the cloaked skies are stuck in an endless night


Where did all those days of lost innocence go?

Turning silver keys to open new doors, je t’aime, Roméo

The succour of saccharine nectar, an alla breve all stars

Chasing dragonflies on high miles of verdigris hectares

Coppery letters, copperplate title, leatherbound journals

Aphorisms on silent film reels, in monochromatic petals

Mischievous slender hands reaching inside the cookie jar

Now it’s an empty transparent container and a forlorn scar


Where did all those days of lost innocence go?

Painstaking fiery brushstrokes of sunset’s masterpiece maestro

A quattrocento of harmony, moonrise that this planet has stolen

Nictitating carnival elephants pass, a prosody elegantly rewoven

Flowering tides and efflorescent children of handsome melodies

We enter within Alice’s quaint atrium of beauteous modi vivendis

Bushels of sweet tarts and hearts, creeping polychrome clematis

Now its nothing but baskets of tainted hate, bushels of bad habits


Where did all those days of lost innocence go?

When even the wintry weather loved our every querulous sorrows

Golden eyes that bled effeminate cosmos, waiting on the morrow

A kiss from a star, as we chase from afar, abating in fled harrows

As torrent of lyres’ mellifluous tunes, akin purple blossom yonder

A calmer clemency, freckled songbirds singing a million wonders

For a crystalline reverence, a lunary spectrum of juxtaposed souls

Now it’s meandering around mad musings with naphthalene thirst


Where did all those days of lost innocence go?

It’s all but an anachronistic antebellum dream, the both of us know

The wolves have grinned triumphantly, as foxes tore the rabbit hole

A brevity, a fragility of the Valhalla that we deemed our haven home

The swains drivel, that dime in the wishing well flipped upsidedown

An excrescence of porphyry as the vehement grass withers to brown

For all that innocence I’ve found, my dear, was truly yours to keep and take

When your footsteps disappeared in the lake, it left alongside in your wake.


Go on, grab your hat and fetch a camera
Go on, film the world before it happens
Go on, grab your hat and fetch a camera
Go on, film the world before it happens…

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