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In Excelsis

He proclaims to ravage your sanctity with the act of a knighted defender

Find another way to twist the tales, for he’s the tactless paladin, oh-so clever

And he’s far too proud to suck the hollow fibs right off of his glowing teeth

But when it goes around, it comes around, so just strike a match for his greed

Because he’s most obviously the higher man in such a simpleminded charade

Crashes his temples against the ground three times so you would hear his pity parade

He’s better off, he’s better now, he’s still stuck grovelling in his plagiarised sanctimony

All hail to the king and his fucking sharp things, his blood’s thicker with every abusive elegy.

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defence mechanism

“be forewarned”

your whispered chagrin

stains my mouth

with perplexed nicotine


a spiteful stare

the gaps in my rationality

stolen spare parts

i’m rendered in cataplexy


graze my nape

our vascular constriction

but it turned out

to be just a bold distinction


to find the switch

and fumble with our sorrows

i’m a clockwork elegy

but i’ll still be here tomorrow.

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i.) roses & bones.


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see no evil, fear no evil

i counted seventeen vultures

circling above to rend my spoiled flesh apart

and feed me to their starving children


i thought i saw a raven

mocking my unfortunate fate

perched solemnly on a chiseled granite bust

weeping with plutonian pondering


as the foolish crows

sang me a heartless elegy

the epistles crumbled to ashes in my palms

and my fountain pen dried out

into blotted shadows


if only heaven were to open up

and save me from the ominous darkness

but there’s no room for another soul

to save; no vacancy to give


so i huddle beneath the branches

of the dying willow tree

and waited for them to take me alive.

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MURDER, they cried (A Murderer’s Lost Elegy)

A gun in one hand,

a knife in the other

A cigarette wedged between my mouth

Scars and wounds, my body gets covered


I want their blood, a mad fervor

A year of killing, a life to die for

A thirst to hurt, a desire to kill

An insatiable pain, revenge and will


Your blood is my lifeline

Even though I drain my own

Your souls are already mine

And yet the demons carve mine in stone


The questions swirling around my head

The voices refusing to stop until I’m dead

Why did I turn out like this?

A madman, a psycho, a complicated death kiss?


Ha, as if you’d ever forget

That this was all your fault

You trapped me into this inescapable net

You let me slip deeper into this zone


You nudged me on with your cold blue eyes

You ruined my life with your sickly lies

And after all you did, you left me to crumble

To cry, to weep, to scream, to mumble


So I’ll keep on ruthlessly murdering

Let the crimson liquid shed

Just to take back some of my life that’s gone

Or hell, even just for pure fun


And now I shall keep on killing

Keep on taking lives as my own

Until the devil’s cry consumes me

And into Hell I’m dragged and thrown.


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