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Another incident in the darkness

raven hallucinations

take over furtive glimpses

of a wary glinting eye


the nightingales are

mournfully weeping as the

crows cackle “someone’s going to die”


deathly silence enveloping

thick as the opalescent fog that

obscures the most crepuscular of souls


all before a distant scream pierces

the infinite nightmare; and another

wandering entity is devoured whole.

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Death is a Butterfly in a Mason Jar

For death is something

That cannot be caught in butterfly nets

And kept trapped in glass jars

Death cannot be locked by time alone

Its shadowy wings must flutter

Like ashes through smoke

And search for a breath to steal

As it cannot create its own, only pilfer

Death suckles on nectar tears

Sweet to its palate as it is bitter to mortals

Indulge in soft, exquisite decay

Within the lost garden of perennial grief

All before its delicate withering skin

Touches upon an unfortunate fragile falling chest

And suffocates it with gossamer light

Until ceases it to rise once more

Death is beauty and darkness intertwined

Like a balloon string entangled on a white rose stem

Or blood on a stained glass window

Not all can appreciate its grotesque sensibility

As they fear for their mortality

They simply fail to view past the thin veil

To reveal a nurturing, solitary entity

For death is lone, but it must never be lonely

A heart to bring, one soul to reap

For death must always carry one life

Before it takes away its own.

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Rotten Hearsay and Dinner

(Based on recent events in the house.)


A should-be perfect dinner, with dishes piled high

And a happy contented family ready to try

Yet things go for worse when it came and visited

Knocked on their door, its eyes glimmering red


An evil entity crashing in at the dead of the fun

Destroyed the clean tables, and went to run

Faces lowered down on crushed spaghetti sticks

A good dinner left untouched, a person sick


Rotten hearsay had passed from ear to ear

Broken lies that will always stay near

More complaints and thoughts for the unwilling

Another injury and blood for the healing


Tempers flared high, and screams explode

The family was in the state to slowly corrode

The good night ruined, the wrong of the right

Another perfect family left to fight


The tables have turned, and the family rotten

The entity already satisfied, and left the trail broken

Another victim struck, with hearsay as the weapon

The demon smiled, and with its tongue of lies, went on.

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