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Thés Dansants: A Melody in Three Parts


Dès le premier jour
Ton parfum enivre mon amour
Et dans ces instants
J’aimerais être comme toi par moment
Mais depuis ce jour
Je n’ai qu’un seul et unique regret…


ACT I: Pas de bourrés

The drag melody

Keeps you on your toes

Allegorical prosody

By any other rhose

Would smell just as sweet

Yet a tincture of faux

Would it render oblique

That of je viens de deux

Golden memories

Spiel of prismatic oddities

Interconnected destinies

Wizened by enmities

Silver undertones

Faltering in liquid chasms

Moments of cut stone

Curious invocation broken

An obstinate fate betwixt

Not by aldermen told

Yet by slurry of nouvelle lips

A nostrum ancient old


ACT II: Pas de chat

A flourishing song

A present day furlough

Where you belong

A miasmatic yellow

In the field of maidens

Circling in the sun

Merry most brethren

Searching for the one

Cobwebs in the belfry

Bats in the mantelpiece

Pears on a willow tree

Ripest with surcease

An inlaid box bijouterie

Treasure trove buried

Overflow with jewellery

Ring fingers all heavy

Your silken chemise

A shade of firestorm

Befalling your demise

Recrudescence born


ACT III: Pas de trois

That senseless tune

You whistle thoughtlessly

Deigning for the moon

Trip the light fantastically

This trifecta histrionic

Amble conjectural steps

Quick traipsing hysteric

Laugh until they wept

The evensongs with tides

In a nest of evergreen

That axiom heart abides

In rudimentary maudlin

Acquiescence spectrums

Apertures I shall pay

Yet locked into a quantum

Lost by coins of lwei

Grandiloquences no longer

A harmonium rectory

And end the night’s wonder

With a drag melody.


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Entr’acte Overture


A moment of silence please
For those who never get the chance
They show up to the party 
But they never get to dance

The losers, the liars
The bastards, the thieves
The cynicists, the pessimists
And those that don’t believe in nothing…


A ballroom of sleek transparent glass

Under the allure of the twinkling night skies

And all those vagrants who come to pass

Must shed their skin and reveal their disguise


No need to be convivial, no need to hide yourself

No need to use a mask, toxicity is not good for your health

Now if you may allow me to be on your side

Your arbiter elegantiarum, your own personal ally


Come now, and take my hand

Without words, you’ll understand

Hitch up that tattered dress

Wipe off all those makeup mess


No more speaking, not a single harsh word

For silence is what’s needed most in this world

We’ll spin and twirl, round and round

Dancing to nature’s mellifluous sounds


Hush now, settle down, don’t you cry

There’s no one here to judge you, dear

No one to maunder and whinge, no one to defy

No matter how bluntly frowsy you appear


Along the crowds in midsummer’s eve

We’ll dance along, let our bodies believe

That this is a painting, in belle epoque

Created so delicately with every brush stroke


Yes, we’ll dance till we can take no more

Until the glass gives away and shatters to the floor

But don’t let it hinder us, we’ll still dance along

As the scintillating floor is painted with crimson


I know it’ll be painful, but just look into my eyes

And you’ll see the universe veering by

And all that is lost may be found again

And all the wounds you garnered just might lose their pain


The razor-sharp glass is gilt-edged as well

Get lost in my pristine galaxies, don’t let time tell

Everything is just relative, all simply do jour

And soon fades away like a photo with no colour


And we’ll grace to the music until nothing else matters

As our hearts beat along and our souls flutter

We dance, until everything falls apart beneath our feet

And we finally fly into the heavens and leave entropy in its defeat.

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