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La Bella Fantasia

“I swear that I can hear you in the wind…”


little phantasmic phantoms dance about

growing flowers at the garden of my mind

waiting to pluck out each bluebell and daisy

to fashion the wreaths into something kind

the playful zephyr is a fair weather friend

lulling each berceuse to sleep until the end

orbit sending me high into the atmosphere

but i won’t fall, no—i have nothing to fear

listening to the cherry blossoms that hide

in the boroughs where there’s a tinkerbell bride

and the mystical creatures would understand

with every speck of dust, a magic that enchants


but the delphi hearts and oracular tongues

speak of stories and brier thorns that selfishly clung

to innocent naivete still stubbornly preserved

though only to the pristine youth that it deserves

the wily eyes staring into the darkness osiris

as the nettles grow wild prevent cogent dreams

they scoured the atlas looking for eternal citadels

the nondescript pangs unaware of incarnate bevels

shrines that i pray to now submerged in irascible sins

incoherent adages leaving bruised indentations within

will the pixies be daunted? will the elves repatriate?

Quietly accepting the moiety of their unfortunate fates?


but beneath the black and white of underground paradise

is a fair place for scathing asters and aureole mirth alike

beyond the curlicues of charcoal smoke that paint the stars

a gossamer love decays, recording a dictaphone of past wars

in an imbroglio of lotuses, past the wafting scent of sandalwood

on the horizon, a transit of venus, a crescent smiling platitude

thoughts as crystal clear as seaglass, reflect candid illusions

show a bouquet from the spectres, a plethora of guiling ruminations

amid the taste of camphor and lead, i return to lacklustre reality

wondering and pondering when i’ll get lost again in my crafted fantasy.

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Failed Fairy Tale: Cindy Ella

Once upon a time…

Cindy Ella waited all her life for a prince to come by

“He’s handsome, he’s brave, such a wonderful guy!”

Her sisters merely laughed at her and her brothers rolled their eyes

And her parents kept shooting her looks of concern and surprise

But despite all those reactions, Cindy Ella still kept waiting

Everyday, she hopefully stared at the window, softly singing

Waiting for that one day when a handsome man taps on that glass

And save her from her boring life, get married, and live happily ever after as time passed

But alas! Such a surprise, the dreamt prince never came by

And oh Cindy, poor Cindy, realized that and started to cry

Her fantasies were shattered and her wanted illusions were a lie

And Cindy Ella, so disgraced and utterly shamed, already wanted to die

So with her paradise gone, her brain snapped and her sanity decreased

And her heart turned stone cold, her inner demons were unleashed

So Cindy, now changed, went out with a knife in hand and a big desire to slay

As screams rang out in he house and bright red painted the walls that were once a dull gray

She first killed her family, who once scorned her fairy tale

“Perhaps, if they’d believed a little more, then my dream wouldn’t fail!”

But unsatisfied, Cindy Ella wiped her messy knife and left the now-empty house

And smiling devilishly, she turned the once-peaceful town into discord as madness arose


As Cindy Ella cut off the screams of her final victim with a swift slash

Suddenly, a noble handsome prince all decked in gold, arrived in a flash

“Cindy Ella! Oh dear Cindy, I’m sorry to have come so utterly late

Please cease this chaos and madness, you do not have to meet this fate!”

His perfectly chiseled jaws spoke oh-so delicately and so nice

And he gazed upon Cindy Ella with his charming blue eyes

With grace, the prince took out a pair of gleaming glass shoes, and flashed a smile

The ten-karat  grin radiating brightness on the dismal land for over a mile

This was what Cindy Ella had always wanted, what she waited for day and age

But now, a psychopathic Cindy Ella no longer cared, her bloodshot eyes flashing with rage

Her hand instantly swung so forcefully, and as glass shattered on the floor, she laughed wildly instead

As the once-perfect and amazing prince fell off his panicked horse without his head

But in the end, Cindy was finally caught and was charged with murder, degree one

And, convicted and sentenced to die in the electric chair, Cindy Ella’s failed fairy tale was at last finally done.

…And justice lived happily ever after!

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