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Hymn for the Faithless

We’re the hearts for the heartless
The thoughts for the thoughtless
The lies for the honest
We’re the gods of the godless!
Let it all burn! I will burn first!
God I’ve tried, am I lost in your eyes?


Our Father, who art in Heaven

Hallowed be thy fame, kingdom

Of temptation we lust for again

Deliver us for your evils, amen

A wickedness in these blue eyes

The sword I carry impaling skin

What must mortal consequences

I shall atone for my begotten sin

Blood on my tears, fallen I wept

These are the songs I am to kept

Pains I pray, damned for my lies

God, am I truly lost in thine eyes?

Blasphemy and sacrilegious vow

Of pious sinners and dead saints

Mercy begat our veneration now

No longer should serpents repent

Dust are we all for a proclamation

Hate leads to lust, our destination

One last surrender, final farewell

In before darkness embraces Hell

My banished halo is extinguished

Drowned by the ashes of the fires

And when my wings are scattered

Beckon not the fine requiem choir.

Hail Mary full of desecrated virginity

For wars I indoctrinated, forgive me

Hearts for hearts, a stigma for stigma

Holy be thy bastard son, a miracle enigma…


I can not stand who I am
I’m this man with this blood on my hands
In this blood I am damned
So watch my wings burn as they burn in the fire—
This hate that you gave me keeps saying
Just let me burn, just let me burn!

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Fallen NecRomancers

The evil that’s between us
Greedy, needy
Self-deceiving, so demeaning…


You and I are bleeding out the grey dust

That brought us back to our sacred life

And we’re breathing in the silvery trust

And we’re exhaling the softest starlight


We’re intertwined, modern Adam and Eve

With darkest serpentine apple that we give

Forbidden selfishly from the garden of Eden

But one went away, and only one remained


We’re trying to recreate with just a single inhale

A chaotic experiment that always ended up failed

We’re attempting to rewrite, change, and revive

Something that, in the first place, was never alive.

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Songs of the Fallen

When all humans have gone, and not a soul lingers in sight

Two shady figures come out bold, their eyes twinkling of delight

One nods enthusiastically, the other grins widely like a fool

As they start to roam, hand in hand, the acres of the deserted school


Singing such ancient songs that reflect their emotions like a mirror

Their happiness, melancholy, and every essence of their anger

Songs with stories, the chirps of the nocturnal insects intertwining with their laughter so high

They know they wouldn’t change the world by yelling at it, but they can sure damn well try


They sing to a reality that shunned them and banished them hurt

They sing to the condescending people that went out of their way and treated them like dirt

They sing, to tune out the sharp, cruel, lethal words they’ve always been told

They sing, because that’s all they have to offer against this world so cold


They sing, and their shackled hearts finally break free from its prison and and fly

They sing, and their void, tampered souls light up the entire night sky

They sing, and not a single thing matters anymore in the veering infinite universe

As those two twisted figures dance, laugh and joyfully shout out each verse


Because their ignored noises and that seemingly-silly routine are what makes it worth it

After existing in yet another dreary day that they want to instantly forget

And as their chariots came, and the last rays of the smiling sun disappears

The two figures slip out, only left with ghost smiles and tunes still bounding in their ears


But there came a horrid time when one suddenly had to leave the place

Unforeseen circumstances, it left both their minds in such a haze

And the very last thing that kept their days worth all the torturous pain

Had been mercilessly ripped off their hands, flickered off like a candle in the rain


And when the fateful last day came, both figures stood staring emptily at the evanescing horizon

Singing, but this time more mournfully, the penultimate verses of their written requiems

Then they said their goodbyes as if everything was simply back to normal again

Even though both thoughts wailed, pleaded, screamed that this will never be bound to happen


Now she walks one crumbled path, and he walks the dusty other

Two lives disconnected, parallel worlds untouched, two completely different matter

Will they be bound to meet again, only the sluggish ticking time can tell

But for now, the joyous songs have ceased, and left an open ending to the bittersweet tale


But if one listens closely, and to the parting chromatic sunset they run

Over there, at the end of the boundary line, in the coalescing light of the setting sun

One’ll hear, maybe, just maybe hear a faint sound that from Time has been stolen

A small shadow, an imprint, a faint echo of the last songs of the Fallen.

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