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I write about you

When there’s nothing left to lose

Let them wonder

About you and your little lyrical clues

Your whims a cause

And I wish to embrace your doubts

I write about you

Because there’s nothing else to write about.

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Kiss and Tell

A hundred boys and girls

On my fucking list

From the start of A to zed

I’ll tell before I kiss

Every visage a motivation

Blue eyes don’t lie

So judge me for doing shit

I take so I don’t die

I’m proud of these people

Ain’t nothing wrong

And I’ll just block you out

With calming songs

A hundred girls and boys

I adore and respect

But I’m the whore, right?

Fucking deal with it.

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Nowhere to Go

Running in circles

To find a treasure

But undiscovered

Uncorrupted, pure


Dancing in circles

Looking for a way

The pirates claim

For their own day


Spinning in circles

To find mine alone

Too late did I know

I’ve none to take home.

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