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(lost and) found

why do

i hide you

why do

i even try,

to convince

myself that

what i’m doing

is alright?


why did

i lose you

when you’re

just a lie,

and why do

i continue

when i know that

it’s not right?

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dear clumsy lovely

Living in the dark makes
Our light seem cold
I distract myself awake
But in my dreams
You’re playing our song…


missus cupid, trade a penny for a cloud

i thought too much, and i thought aloud

lucid blue until i’m pink, but you are not

what i wished for, now my face feels hot


i’ll be the blueprint to your candy laughs

you don’t have to hesitate or even cough

i was not looking, but guess what i found

a cherub sleeping alone without a sound


missus cupid, have a penny for your thoughts?

you dreamed too much, and you dreamed a lot

lacklustre white until i’m dark, but you’re all that

i ever asked for, so let’s be lucky with all we’ve got.


I’ll tell my friends we made amends
Tying up loose ends; they’re not sold
But if you want it, you can have it
You can have me in full…

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little trivialities

i was told

to remove the things

that remind me

of my self-resentment

but everywhere

i looked, i found them

and in the end, i

decided to remove myself.

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poet 101

i have

found a


and one

ways to

write on

about a



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En Mémoire D’une Âme Perdue

She once lost her memories
She found it forwards and away
But as she ambled a step back
They slowly began to decay…


A faded memory

A whispery veil in the sea

In the blink of an eye

One last goodbye

She could barely see the sky

She started to defy

She knew this was her time

She didn’t want to give in

She wanted to fight her prime

She wanted to save her skin

Hours into minutes

Minutes into seconds









Minutes into hours

Seconds into minutes

Age cannot be renewed

She always knew

She could already see

She could no longer be free

She was haunted by a ghost

Before it infested its host

Her very first warning

In the blink of an eye

A pale grey moon waning

A snapshot memory.

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