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Lie to the Truth

When I started out writing you this song
I was heels over head in love, but you had your doubts
‘Cause it took too long to finally see what I
What I’d been doing wrong…


My brain no longer contracts

Or twists in circles at the thought

My blood no longer circulates

And my heart fails to leap a beat


Oh, this tragedy of fugacious whims

Beating down the numb with too much sense

Compromising to entangle red strings

Hoping that two souls would starve the same


But three’s a crowd, and the painful hunger persists

It’s time to throw one or the other to the tides

The way of happy reality is just a sorrowful mystery

As double half-truths last longer than the truth


I attempt to convince myself of the erroneous fact

As if that would save the submerging illusion

Pretend I’m not drowning under as I take on water

And hold the hands of the heavyweight elation


Feelings disappearing before orion storms wash away

Agitated pulse screaming of kerosene fires and laudanum

Pulling my drifting self behind in a cage of indecision

Before all that I have is confiscated from my faltering eyes.


We tried to be true but you still loved him so
I’ll keep my distance and lie to the truth
I lie to the truth, I lie to the truth’
Cause you lied to it too…

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Deciduous Infinity

“Hang the stars who pulled the pin out of my heart.”


I’m never going to lose you

The way I lost my past possessions

Of paper stars and empty cars

And first-grade last impressions

I’ve cried in smudged ink a hundred ways

Filling up every spectrum and space

I’ve listened until all the tapes are played

And revolving around in eternal ballet

There has been too much ethereal

In quiet holy places and feisty carnivals

Autumn collisions of the sky and the ocean

Peripherals of songs of resting swans

But I’m never going to lose your dream

The way I lost my fugacious incandescence

From bedless hope and faithless screams

You’re my first place last defiance.

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loud vivacious fireworks

and soft iridescent bubbles

little fugacious memento mori

serendipitous whimsical illusions

that i quietly wish to keep eternal

yet when it fades, only melancholy.

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cold footsteps

of perfection

cease to echo

in the empty

presence of

your faltering

h e a r t.

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Holidays in the Rain

There’s no place I’d rather be
Don’t give me nothing in between
Just give me sundrops in my eye
And let the rainshine light the sky…


Peering past the demesne of billowy diaphanous houndstooth curtains

Where the afternoon downpour beat reverent against the windowpanes

By the hearth, turning frailest pages of yellowing erudite equivocations

Zephyr effervescent, teasing in its conflating felicitous emancipations


Lone reverie with fraternal cassette tapes and a lazy 1975 vinyl record

Warm blueberry cheesecake confections, chocolate silk finely brewed

Conjuring evocative altruism, an ephemeral elision of whispered words

Incipiency of sumptuous inglenook, far better than any seraglio imbued


The lachrymose welkin conciliates, offing woebegone yet not inured

Adumbrate halcyon, eponymous to predilections of pluvial cynosure

I’m soothed by tranquility, satin soft singing lullaby of the rain glazed

Vestigial gossamer perfection of a perpetually fugacious summer day.


But if you don’t go out at all
You’ll never feel the rain…fall
Out in the rain, out in the sun
Out in the rain, out in the sunshine…

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