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hello, shooting star

send my mind

into deep space nine

to reach for stars

that keep on lying

i’m dumb on dreams

and on unpleasant hopes

my neck is screaming

“hand me the rope”

but i won’t be dragged

by one or two mouths

this is all that i have

my body’s naiant south

and one day i will be

dancing with galaxies

i used to gaze upon

locked in wishful reveries

so send my lost mind

into bright circles of heaven

i don’t need angel wings

i’ll find my own way until then.

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Colours painted your smile

Within meteor showers

Freckles blink out with a laugh

Like constellations summer

Willowy hair touches centuries

You sing in liquid symphonies

Infatuated with southern horizons

Speechless tongue, speculations

Perpetual stars leave no trace

Of lying galaxies among your gaze

Eternity seems like a fickle story

If your heart is in a melancholy clarity.

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Send me off into space
On this rocket invention
We’ll look at the lights
Over the atmosphere
Eat gold medal ribbon
Till we die up here…


Northern constellations

Make me feel very hazy

Off polaris delegations

Can you still hear me?

Composition of horizon

To the notes I surrender

Dancing ballet injections

Hung by my suspenders

Strum my heart’s guitars

Serenading la Lady Luna

Snowscapes and escapes

You chase a frozen tundra

Under a copse of galaxies

Laying in a picnic blanket

In a soft forest of tenebris

A whisper lost in its death

The mellow stars in a vigil

Of a distinguished reverie

Faux-naïf confession spill

Please call, call out to me

Your rhythmic tears falling

Louder, as you plead to go

But I’m here, I am listening

Let me hear what you know

Your bloodstained cotton pinafore

Has never looked so pretty, darling

So sing your paltry sinfonietta score

And take me on, I’m always listening.


I swear that I can hear you in the wind
You’re singing to me and you’re
Dancing in the halls outside again
I’m always listening
I swear, I swear, I swear…

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