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Dear Mexican Bean :^)

Voice like an angel wandering lost in hell

Indelible words that cut beyond the teeth

Classic candidness, gentle grin left to tell

Thorns and trickery, twisting tines sweet

Over and past, your chase makes me well

Reprised recovery to sing me back to sleep


Feathers and caramel skin clash in shades

Underwater elegance, a bitter promenade

Every story you tell staunches the bleeding

Nevermind forever, momentum is fleeting

To every faded reminiscence we shall cheer

Enamoured by your honesty, a soul worn clear

Stay heartfelt honey, may the tides keep you near.

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Ticking the calendar

Checking the time

Counting the candles

Drinking your wine


This due date set

Cause for party calls

Fine friends greet

Autumn leaves fall


Scarlet ribbon bright

Sky the stars set alight

This day is celebrated

This night rejuvenated


Dainty essence of rain

May cloud your whims

But the rainbow gained

Is worth the cold sting


After all, life may be taint with grey

Still, you are well-off and surviving

Come what may, for it’s not everyday

That you’re blossoming to be eighteen.

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