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Why don’t you

Eat the mirror

That calls you ugly?

Why don’t you

Kill the monsters

That terrorise nightly?

Why don’t you

Make your anxiety

Nervous with confidence?

Why don’t you

Deafen criticisms

With a cold heart silence?

Why don’t you

Smile at your

Enemies, wish farewell?

Why don’t you

Laugh at the demons

‘Cause they’re all stuck in hell?

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Go On and Give the World a Show

1.) Your mind is boiling bleeding bending screaming and that motherfucker is doing nothing but saving your watercolour tears in a crystalline vial and using it to paint your evocative portrait in his dollar store canvas.

2.) Your heart is cursing complaining coronary sedating and those bastards are doing nothing but taking your severed arteries for the next transplant performance to entertain surgeons, scaramouches, and curious sickos.

3.) Your soul is pulsing pirouetting paralysing sacrificing and this asshole is doing nothing but pasting your flattened cardboard spine into an unused oak guitar and singing hypocritically about his next hit tragedy.

4.) You are woeful whimsical winning simply synesthetic and the critics did nothing but make you infamous and indomitable as you rose against their vehement volatile tidal waves and triumphantly held your billowing flag on the blue moon.

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