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Blue-tinted Lenses

Humans loving humans

An achieving blue moon dream

No judgement or exception

For we’re all on the same team

Hearts tied like florilegiums

Anthologies of puissant emotion

A present for our own present

In silk viridian and azure ribbons

So let’s remove our corrupted affliction

And whenever you chance to see someone

Pray not see colour, religion, or affiliation

Instead, look into the eyes of a fellow human.

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Twelve Kilometres


Dear lazy-eyed moon

With your golden gloom

Have you come to accompany

Me in my extensive journey?

Did you come to wink and smile

With that soft butter hue style

My dearest lazy-eyed moon

Will you stay or leave too soon?



The manifesto of the streetlights

An unctuous torch flickering unsure

Sounds of rubber against pavement

And prayers and jesting alike, pure

Whence the city aspirations unfold

Into concrete and sentient dreams

Let the heavens listen so they know

This expedition is more than it means.



What a perfect nightscape

Perhaps the blithering crowds

Couldn’t ruin this dainty tranquility

If only solipsism were allowed

Yet music’s humming in my ears

As I’m pondering with the stars

In a writhing mass of humans near

I’ve never felt so lone and far.



The abrasive blisters in my skin

Are beginning to complain loudly

Let us rest, you pompous wretch!

And my pained feet agrees wearily

The pressing people, intertwined

Of heat, sweat, and testosterone

The claustrophobia drives me mad

Oh, it’s no fun, can’t we just go home?



An amusement and animated conversations

Betwixt mouthfuls of crisps and a macchiato

Pinches and punches and surly fights broken

Sooner than now, it’s time for everyone to go

A lengthy travel adventure—though not quite

An exhausting walk and rarest bucolic sights

Farewell to infinite horizons of the falling night

Until the next peregrination…and pray we might.

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Names Inside A Jar

Two lives will be forever lost

Pyrrhic losses is the golden cost

For one night of forgotten fun

Until reality takes its run


Lives inside a jar preserved

Wasted gifts for reasons absurd

Unnamed specimens, just another display

Of human cruelty that fools decide to embrace.


(Made in Values Education class.)

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Cafe Culaccino

Culacinno: noun; an Italian word describing the mark left on a surface by a cold glass.


In front of me, a brown-tinted awakening potion

Stirring; very slightly, occasionally.

Thick curls of steam, a warm devotion

And a single cube of sugar melting; slowly.


Time ticks by. People hastily rush off.

And yet somehow I’m frozen. So mesmerising,

The whirls of kaleidoscopic patterns are

Forming on the surface; so hypnotising.


A slight bump causes my trance to snap

Somebody accidentally spilled their cup

Midday scuffle, but simply breaks even

As the hand points its way on the number eleven


I return to my coffee, in the cush table I’m alone

By the window, society functioning, passersby on their phone

Nullified existences. Nearly industrial.

Lives of survival, technology and metal.


Time’s up. I sip the remaining scalding liquid down

Grab my hat and my case and head off to town

All that remains, a wispy ghost of my visit

A perfectly round mark on the wooden table, a cry of a soul in transit.

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Deus Ex Machina

The creation of the god machine

Was quite the achievement of the century

The inventor, glorified, revered, caused quite a scene

As, in a highfalutin tone, he announced, he decreed

“I’ve created a machine that can solve everything!”


The creation of the god machine

Instead of serving its original purpose

Of advancing humanity’s throes

And curing ignorance and ameliorating problems hard

Rather, seemed to throw our spiraling momentum backwards


The creation of the god machine

Was not a peaceful time at all

As creationists and non-believers cried

And questions of morality thrived

Imploring “You cannot stuff that amount of power

Inside an infernal machine!”


The creation of the god machine

Was further made chaotic

As the moralists’ cries were even more outshone

By those avaricious pigs starving for power

Those twitching hands frenzied with utter greed


The creation of the god machine

Fed the planet into a dark age

Brutes and barbarians acting upon primal rage

Machines and technology shunned and revolted

The dark ages – quite literally, if not red


The creation of the god machine

Nearly wiped the entire world clean

And even the geniuses and clever minds that hid

Barely survived from the ravenous beasts that run

The last remaining shells of what used to be human


The creation of the god machine, he found

Was never worth its discovery, humans were not prepared for this round

Now if only the inventor could create something

To advance; or perhaps, backtrack a million steps

From the cataclysmic maelstrom he had started

…His mistake.

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Societal Defenestration

The world is a red and green apple

Filled with filthy fat worms that feed

Devouring through the very core

Biting through the poisonous seeds

Their disgusting corruption rotting the fruit

Putrid lies turning white to brown in between

Skinny worms in ties, obese worms in suits

The world is an apple; green as greed, red as sin.


Holes in the bloody flag that’s weakly flapping

Tattered with bullet shots loudly ringing

From the guns of the new revolution

From the screams of the freedom unborn

The justice system also had huge holes marked on it

And everyone can no longer endure this deficit

And they hope one day innocents will not receive endless death rows

And the guilty will not be awarded with thrones and golden bows.


Little black spider, in the middle of the web

Do you have power and greed in your head?

Dare you play with the connected strings of fate?

Strum the fragile threads a bit too violently, you simply cannot wait

Until it falls apart and falls to the ground in a ruinous state

And drags you along with destruction that you brought with your hate.


Locked doors were everywhere, and you had the key

The key to huge power, the key to utter success

You unlocked everything from the lands and the seas

Recklessly leaving doors open in a whirlwind of mess

You unlocked people’s minds, but there’s one thing you forgot

In your haste you forgot to unlock your very soul and heart.


Jigsaw puzzles, doesn’t society just love them

A million pieces of scattered shapes, ready to be built into a system

And people do seem to want to fit into the big picture

Changing everything from their looks, their emotions, their features

But these naive people never knew the truth, no one had the sense nor heart

To tell them that the jigsaw puzzle was never complete from the start.


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Cosmic Spill

I encase the spinning galaxies in my hand

Planets in my eyes, nebulaes ebb in my blood

Quasars, constellations, dotting my body, off they fly

The universe in my system, explode and reborn as I die.


Are we humans alone in this mysterious universe?

Or can our simple songs travel across planets and be heard?

Light years away, our verses are delivered

Let’s wait until demise for their voices to be echoed.


I am in shameless limerence with the stars

Their incandescent light, time travel, in an epoch

No longer alive when they reach our skies

An ethereal relationship that cannot be stopped.


Comet, comet, wound ’round my head well

Scorching my eyebrows with your sparking tail

Comet, comet, I bid you farewell

May you not shatter your light and ultimately fail.


You and I can stop the lights from going out tonight

Let’s unfurl open our wings, and the gravity we fight

Taste the cosmos as we waltz across the auroras and the sun

Gliding in the night skies in ineffable bliss and oblivion.


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