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felt kinda burlesque, might delete later idk

I have an ambitious gouache painting that I’ve been highkey procrastinating on for over a week now (as glimpsed above), several unembellished sketches and band flash artworks for newly-released songs to attend to, difficult Swedish language lessons to catch up on, and literal months’ worth of unfinished classic Doctor Who episodes to watch, and yet what do I do??? This dumb fucking shit instead. Things have been rather mundane—even more so than usual, shocker—and I’m running out of other insipid downtimes to amuse my incredibly-short attention span with with so whatever here ya go.

I’m gonna level with y’all, But It’s Better If You Do is one of my favourite P!ATD songs ever (their debut album is also my most favourite one in general), but it isn’t a song I’m completely familiarised with playing and wow the amount of takes it took to get even a half-decent shot, jesus wept. Not to mention the dogs outside choosing to rival me by having an impromptu barking contest at five in the AM. I probably also should’ve taken five minutes out of my time to change key maybe a half-step or so higher because my sucky voice range kept unhelpfully bottoming out but, oh well. \(:O)/ Lastly, I went all ham in the ad-libs at the end for reasons unbeknownst even to me, so there’s a lot of flat notes and unsteady pitches and stray runs there as well—but you know what, t’was stupidly fun to do anyway idfc!! Also I need a haircut. So incredibly badly. Fuck it’s been at least five months since my last one and my head’s starting to look like a foul giant’s untrimmed pubic hair. Bloody nasty.

But I digress. I just hope everyone else is coping with this current situation considerably better than me ahahaHAH screw it we’re all going batshit insane and the world’s about to end hell yeah!!!! Anyway in the meantime, here’s me dummy chonky cat being stupidly adorable to make up for all my transgressions in this post. Stay safe and don’t be idjits and wash ya dang hands, tack så mycket och hej då~

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