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happy hour


cigarette smoke

hangs heavy in the air

dizzy dizzy daydreams

i know i won’t care

a drowsy companion

and blue drip on my lips

the world is way too loud

four minutes away from sick

the way the music throbs

like a toothache in my ears

blaring guitar against my grin

another round of shots and beer

maybe six more for the road

and another, just to melt away

like the ice between our shoulders

and the night that’s left to stay.

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metal & skin (xxviv.)

i’m not a fucking idiot

i know what i’m doing

and if you think you’ll

pacify me by freezing

my blood with iciness

then i’ll drown in your

concern, after all, you

damn know what’s best.

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Hearts of Ice and Fire

My heart is ice, as yours is fire

My soul is icy cold, yet yours is burning hot

I vie for useless yearnings, you have your blazing desires

I build snowmen and forts, sand and sandcastles you admire

Because I live for snow and without the sun you are naught


My heart is ice, so dangerously cold

Easily cracked and broken with a delicate touch of a hand

I feel nothingness, not a single emotion did unfold

Not a single ray of sun has ever shone upon my land

Love, warmth, heat, I could barely understand


Your heart is fire, such great intensity

Burning furiously, filled with fiery passion and hate

You feel anger and hate, the flames tend to bite at your sanity

Coolness, calmness, serenity were never your state

Not even a slight tinge of cold ever met your fate


Yet when by chance our hearts combined

We felt something very strange, something we both cannot define

I softened from the burst of warmth, you shivered from the cold that came through

I melted, you cooled down, it felt so surreal, so untrue

And at that moment, started a completely new feeling unbeknownst to me and you


My heart was ice, as yours was fire

But know we both know the feelings of blazing ice and freezing heat

Our souls became one, our hearts are now out of mire

For now we understand balance, and now our emotions and feelings fleet

And now we know I cannot live without you, and you cannot live without I.

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