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Shackles and Ventricles

Unchain my heart, baby let me be
Unchain my heart
‘Cause you don’t care about me
You’ve got me sewed up like a pillow case
But you let my love go to waste
Unchain my heart, set me free…


It’s a lightning bolt

Sent straight to my temple

A five-dollar nosebleed

Waiting to drain my mind

It’s a taste of delirium

In the middle of the night

Suspense in mid-chorus

And I’m trapped in the stars

So unchain my heart

Why don’t you?


I’m aware that

You’re way past caring

For me, oh darling

But it would be nice

For you to spell my name

In sand and not dirt

And let me keep falling

This misery would last me

A decade and a century

But it’s only a restless

Second-half for your clock

So unchain my heart

Why don’t you?


It’s my fault for

Giving in and giving you the

Silver lock and key

So send me on my way

And perhaps I can

Still recover, maybe

They think I’m insane for

Biting on the metal bars

But I’m only gnawing

On myself to set me free

Because you think that

That’s a no-can-do

But prove them wrong and

Please unchain my heart

Why won’t you?


Won’t you let me go
That you don’t love me no more
Like a man in a trance, let me go
I’m under your spell
Like a man in a trance
And you’re no doubt aware
That I don’t stand a chance
No, you don’t care…

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bitter; beater…better?

“I’ve been saving myself for you.”


for me, bring back the beat

symphonies static in summer heat

ocean waves that washed away

the memories that will never stay

saving blood for what can’t be had

never knew you want it that bad

warm as the photographs you set on fire

i’ll be a good boy and say i’m the liar

convince me that this isn’t just a movie

and your melodrama ain’t a comedy

that the rude words colliding on the sky

wasn’t just another plot for me to die

but with everything i thought i’ll create

is just another separation desperate

and i can’t wait to bring the beat back home

but this time i’ll be playing it all alone.

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Angels Don’t Exist in Fairy Tales

Hear the sound
The angels come screaming
Down your voice
I hear you’ve been bleeding
Make your choice
They say you’ve been pleading
Someone save us!


I don’t care about the midnight angels

The static voices ring in my head every night

Another apology simply went to hell

Lithe like a burning sapphire-encrusted kite


I lost my way behind old rusted doors

I’m dancing on nails scattered all over the floor

Tradition keeps the pages from yellowing

But the impulsive tongues kept on poisoning


So black out, resay it, and fucking fall

Gut and glory and guns and games, damn it all

Kill the pendulum swinging in your deadly heart

Sweet like confectionary, yet as hard as tart


Shallow pockets drop tarnished spare change

For obedient me to follow the witch’s trail

Bullets I ate like stale bread crumbs mage

Shove me under the oven, punishment to entail


Bury me in black and blue gruesome

The kingdom is damned for princesses long gone

I’m already dead, the villains have won

But this story never ends, the twist never comes


So stay away from my concentration

Keep your clenched fists away from the violence

Steer clear of my bones’ dissolution

Childish fracture garnered from decadence


There’s no one to save you from screaming

Another gingerbread wall collapses off

Again we’ll bleed in fairy lights twinkling

What’s this tall fable you’ve been speaking of?


So don’t defy my sorry, we’ll stake our clouds long

Flurry of destructive wings writing down halo songs

Now I don’t give a damn about the daylight angels

My soul’s running thin on faith, and heaven’s just cruel.


Heaven help us now
Come crashing down
We’ll hear the sound
As you’re falling down…

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I will never get tired of the song that’s been repeating itself in my head the entire day. It’s a catchy, gorgeous tune, with whimsical lyricism that wrenches the stopper out of my bottled poison heart and pours the acidic contents down the sewer pipes, only to fill it up with a sweeter alleviating potion. Learning to memorise it was simply like unlocking an ancient wooden box that’s been stubbornly resisting itself against the turn of the key, yet now, it gave in sombrely after all its initial protests, and turned over the missing information with a defeated creak and a rustic sigh. Perhaps then I didn’t actually learn it, after all, for it’s already been there all the time, only stored away and fading from thirst of sunlight, dusted off its cobwebs and recovered, and presently brought back into the light. Why, if only I had any sinew or shred of decent musical talent within me, any at all running through the surging bloodlines in my high-strung veins, I would’ve gone ahead and honoured it immediately with calloused fingers strumming a guitar and a mellifluous voice. Instead I’m reduced to shamefully destroying it, sordidly desecrating it, insensibly desacralising it, with the driest of toneless humming and warbling sour notes that are all that my maundering vocal chords can ever manage and propel itself to produce. It really is an amazing song though. I can only hope so tirelessly that I shall tire of it nevermore. Hearing my dearest wishes and heeding only to grant it, the persistent earworm that lodged itself deeply within the inner reaches of my mind is already digging its glinting claws and teeth through my membrane more furiously than before, and popping down on the blood-red couch for another bite. I, to play own provided part and reinstate my role as the hospitable host, will be very welcoming and I shall be quite gracious enough to feed it to its heart’s content with its needed nourishments and let it siphon me shriveled in order for it to gain sustenance. I can’t deny it’s getting worse, but trust me, it’s a blessing and a curse.

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