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Vous êtes mon étoile.

You are my star

In a city of fog and smoke

Pushing stubborn past the haze

And you fill me up with sweet hope


You are my star

Ever radiant and gleaming

Your twinkle softly singing

Yellow diamond scintillating


You are my star

In a valley of sheer darkness

Mind not the silver cold moon

You call attention amidst the gloom


You are my star

Beauty, splendour never rivalled

Your blazing warmth set just right

Kissing me sweet dreams every night


You are my star

Raison d’être, my cause for existence

Without you in this vast universe

There’ll be chaos and dissidence


You are my star

Glorious, yet futilely too distant

Though I try and wage my luck often

My chances are empty-handedly scant


You are my star,

And I jump so high to reach you

Try to fly high above to meet you

But I know that I’ll never catch you

And I will forever be beneath you.

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Ponderings and Preludes III



My cheeks are pink-flushed

Madly you make me blush

My pulse races horribly fast

But you make my heart stop.



Dragons and cackling witches

In a magical playing field

The poor damsel in the story

But the golden sword she wields.



Living might be my wed wife

But Death, she’s my mistress

For when I finally tire of Life

Death’ll relieve me of all its stress.



You used to be like cold milk

Simply sweet and pure white silk

But they left you out too long then

And now you’re spoiled rotten.



I glimmer with sheer iridescence

Floating softly without defence

But alas, this quaint beauty is fragile

Once I pop, gone forever is my smile.


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Hard heart of pure gold

Silver soul of shimmering steel

You are hailstorm, algid cold

But warm you make me feel

Making me abruptly hitch

My breath, my sides in stitch

You deny my flat lungs, then

Of their love of sweet oxygen

Cover my open gaping mouth

So I wouldn’t be able to shout

Screams and pain unheard

Till my swollen heart bursts

Worm inside my sanity and head

Make me mad and kill me dead

I love that you’re the best regret

That chagrined me has ever met.

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