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midnight storms

the thunder serenades

and the lightning makes

for a spectacular interlude—

hey rain, why don’t you

join this parade and start

the solstice’s show for me?

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I do apologise

If such words

Are all I ignite

Don’t let it burn

Keep lightning

Within a candle

And blow it out

When it’s your turn.

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Signal Number Four

Don’t stop now, though the motion sickness has you
Spinning out, ’cause you’re on your way
Oh, my friend, just look how far you’ve come and
Think twice before you go and throw it all away…


You’re on your way to the hemisphere

Then discard your self-destructive fear

It’s manic but don’t panic, oh calamity

Doomed typhoons pick up your sanity


You’re in pieces dashed at the tidal waves

Tsunami and dizzy hurricanes you saved

Caught up in rampant and torrential rains

Hoping that they could rescue your remains


If this is a storm, then where’s the casualty?

Drenched in common colds of catastrophe

Thunder screams at the back of your head

But the lightning never follows close ahead.

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Cloudburst Cogitations #3: Thunder and Lightning

Don’t quarrel so, my little thunder

For the lighting, oh, she only jests

When she teased youthful sounds

Cascading sharp onto coastal west


Don’t brag now, my little lightning

For the thunder, he adores you so

In awe of the illuminations brazen

And together you make a fine show.


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