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of the words

that never

made sense

but i write it

down anyway



from the music

i never believed

in, but felt with

every heartstring

that snapped



from the razors

i grasped with

conviction, but

left smudges of

trembling fingers



from different stories;

chapters of the tales i’ll

never confess out loud

dark taint in pages pure

damaged paper that has

been through a lot, from

a damaged person that has

been through a lot more.

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make a wish

a fated kiss

four eleven

listen heaven

make a wish

whimsy bliss

again eleven

chime broken

make a wish

hopeful hiss

strike eleven

now and then

make a wish

never to miss

eleven eleven

faith stars even.

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Implicit Insignificance

I was once a liar, a demon, a heartless creature, rendered ash and rust

And you were but that magic trick, a pawn, a faint speckle of fairy dust

All eyes through the valley of betrayed angels, lost in a damaged haze

That we past resided in enraptured company, dear, remember those days?

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