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luna cielo

for there never was

and never will be

a finer vagrant soul

to poetically allude me

than the billows of notes

that fall from your shade

and the stars in your lips

to sing a thousand serenades

dear, if only i could compose

about all my woeful throes

in lights enchanting as yours

no word a wasted recourse

and the aesthete that lies

beneath restless amber eyes

will dream up a promise

for fallen eternity’s premise

where the universe spins

as relentless time should be

and no whispers of parallels

between the lines of you and me

i’m quite dizzy from the sun again

but i’ll close my hands, count to ten

and wait against such fragile hope

that you’re the sunrise to decode

so why do i weep, ever still?

in the midst of my bedroom floor

only bare remnants remain, until

a voice paints a distant nevermore

of faithless keep, an endless rue

tomorrow’s heart, nor i nor you

southern nights, quaint afterglow

the days pass on as we’ll quietly go

i may be weary, yet do not think

i’ll give up when i’m on the brink

let’s chase the wind, and we’ll ascend

to an everlasting paradise we can spend

for there never was and never will be

a finer valiant soul to poetically allure me

than the muse of the moon and billowing notes

that fall from your shade and the stars that you wrote.

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Old Devil Wolf

He’s a stealthy old wolf

With his cunning eyes

That wolfish sharp grin

And his howling of lies


Into tainted dark, he roams

Clever ‘ol wolf prowling lone

Seething jaws set up to kill

Heartbeat slow yet thrilled


His raw fury and anger

Echo in a forest gloom

Claws buried in danger

Under the young moon


As his tame personality dire

Changes like roaring wildfire

Uncontrollable and destructive

His sound reasoning defective


He stalks his hidden prey

In the dead of the midnight

The hunted pray for mercy

They pray for a short fight


That ashy grey coat of fur

Bristling in cautious alarm

Blood dripping from mouth

Fresh, sangria, still so warm


He will pounce and shred you

Apart, limb from rending limb

A sharpest glint in his cold eyes

A last faint glimmer as you die


That strange man is the old devil wolf

Filled with apathy, hate, and sheer scorn

So pray wary caution, my dearest Luna

Or you just might cause him to transform.

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I dream of night skies falling navy blue

And stars like pixie dust raining through

With Northern lights to paint the vesper


I wish for winds to render my knees weak

A soft love of Luna’s glow is all my soul seeks

My heart of belle epoque, like an angel’s whisper.

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La Casa Sulla Luna

Sitting happily in my little house on the moon

Fishing for twinkling stars to alleviate my gloom

Counting the kindly comets that wave me goodbye

As I dig up craters in search for crystal gems and mines

I skip and smile and dance on the softly glowing rock

I love watching the yellow blazing sun rotate on my viewing dock

My humble abode, where I’m free to explore and hide

But even every perfect place has their own dark side.

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La Luna Amore (Moonstruck)

Hey moon, please forget to fall down

Hey moon, don’t you go down…


Won’t you meet me under the light of the full moon?

The twinkling, crying stars are dying to extinguish soon

The brazen sun is too harsh, it blazes too furiously

But the pale moonlight illuminates our souls, so bare your heart to me


Won’t you sit next to me on the fabled foreign sands?

Let’s watch the silver fluid diamonds endlessly crash

Scintillating, shimmering, between both sea and land

The ripples on the water like the way our life will clash


Won’t you go outside, where the cool wind blows?

And let’s have a tête a tête, trade secrets, quid pro quo

Whispering, laughing in hushed tones, all to ourselves

Sharing our hidden wishes and desires to the susurrus air


Won’t you go and reach out to outer space for me?

The lunar cycle is not on our side, unfortunately

The glinting moon will eventually stutter and change a different phase back

As my coruscating form gradually fades away, returning to black


Won’t you wait under the moon for me, my love?

We are destined to be together, though celestial bodies apart

The full moon and I shall shine radiant once again

But for now, you and I will just have to wait patiently, my darling…

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