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Crystalline sugar

Of neon shades

Clashing distinct

Catching eyes

And tongues;

Baby carnation,

Firmament blue,

Chartreuse green,

Starrified yellow,

Diamond white.

Childish treats

For childish hearts

Rainbow pebbles

On cute display

Within small

Quaint bottles,

A sugar kiss

From a pixie

And her friend

The belle fairy.

As you crush

Them betwixt

Your teeth;

Implosions of

Sweetness and

Shocking mint

Dances like a

Fireworks display

In your mouth—

A magical aftertaste.




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Days Of Lost Innocence

Sunk the glow and drowned in covers
Send for all your absent lovers things
Sheepish wolves
Looking lived-in, eating buttons
Wink, just don’t put your teeth on me
Go on…


Where did all those days of lost innocence go?

The throes of her softest halo hair in an aureole glow

Portraits, polaroids, and daguerreotypes glimmering

Polished by the optimistic sun’s falling glorious rays

Like those cool waterfalls we’ve ended up watching

In the backyard, under the faint lawn sprinkler’s haze

Absent minded laughs last and skipping flat stones

Now it’s but shattered teeth and beaten backbones


Where did all those days of lost innocence go?

The giggling cobaltous clouds draping Earth quite low

Taste sweet candy matter and citrus lemonade water

Hyping our nerves until we’re both as mad as a hatter

And falling headfirst inside Rosie’s magical fairy ring

Listen now to the drizzle’s woeful charms alleviating

Red peppermint stripes in collision with pretty lights

Now the cloaked skies are stuck in an endless night


Where did all those days of lost innocence go?

Turning silver keys to open new doors, je t’aime, Roméo

The succour of saccharine nectar, an alla breve all stars

Chasing dragonflies on high miles of verdigris hectares

Coppery letters, copperplate title, leatherbound journals

Aphorisms on silent film reels, in monochromatic petals

Mischievous slender hands reaching inside the cookie jar

Now it’s an empty transparent container and a forlorn scar


Where did all those days of lost innocence go?

Painstaking fiery brushstrokes of sunset’s masterpiece maestro

A quattrocento of harmony, moonrise that this planet has stolen

Nictitating carnival elephants pass, a prosody elegantly rewoven

Flowering tides and efflorescent children of handsome melodies

We enter within Alice’s quaint atrium of beauteous modi vivendis

Bushels of sweet tarts and hearts, creeping polychrome clematis

Now its nothing but baskets of tainted hate, bushels of bad habits


Where did all those days of lost innocence go?

When even the wintry weather loved our every querulous sorrows

Golden eyes that bled effeminate cosmos, waiting on the morrow

A kiss from a star, as we chase from afar, abating in fled harrows

As torrent of lyres’ mellifluous tunes, akin purple blossom yonder

A calmer clemency, freckled songbirds singing a million wonders

For a crystalline reverence, a lunary spectrum of juxtaposed souls

Now it’s meandering around mad musings with naphthalene thirst


Where did all those days of lost innocence go?

It’s all but an anachronistic antebellum dream, the both of us know

The wolves have grinned triumphantly, as foxes tore the rabbit hole

A brevity, a fragility of the Valhalla that we deemed our haven home

The swains drivel, that dime in the wishing well flipped upsidedown

An excrescence of porphyry as the vehement grass withers to brown

For all that innocence I’ve found, my dear, was truly yours to keep and take

When your footsteps disappeared in the lake, it left alongside in your wake.


Go on, grab your hat and fetch a camera
Go on, film the world before it happens
Go on, grab your hat and fetch a camera
Go on, film the world before it happens…

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Mister Märchen’s Travelling Cozen Carnival

You think you’re gonna hurt me
Get ready to get dirty
You created this beast inside
Pull the noose tighter
And lift a little higher
‘Cause you’re killing me slow
I ain’t ready to die…


Mister, cut me a break, what is this strange event that I see?

Must it be what I ought think? Has my wish come true to me?

A sign donning your name flutters, sobriquet painted proudly

A carnival has just arrived in our town? Oh, wow! Oh, goodie!


Mister, cut me a thicker slice of your sweetest apple pie

As you tip your bowler hat politely to welcome me inside

To the colourful carnival, yelling out of fun and adventure

Smells of candy floss mingle with sounds of accordion overture


Mister, cut me off with elated screams on the rollercoaster

Lay hoops after hoops perfectly on the basketball shooters

Relinquishing my childhood dreams in the spinning carousel

A romantic atmosphere and stunning view atop the Ferris wheel


Mister, cut my palms open and read their miasmatic fortune

Raise your psychics up to the Gods and conjure me a Jotun

Sense my aura, read tea leaves, predict my stormy emotions

Promise to cure my limerence with a lavender placebo potion


Mister, cut me a great deal and trade my pennies for an airgun

Let me aim at paper targets in simple enjoyment and hopeful fun

The stuffed prized monkeys you keep, I can taste with my fingers

Yet this rigged booth game clearly offers quick profits and no winners


Mister, cut me in half with sharpened steel as you claim this as no scam

Make a dove and a bunny appear in smoke, I’ll pick a card, dear magician

Fool me silly and astound me dumb with your clever sleight of hands

Tremendous tricks my gullibility enjoys yet fails thusly to understand


Mister, cut my figure down as my body undergoes a horrid distortion

Wavy forms, plump physiques, stick-thin limbs, different depictions

Making funny faces and laughter echoing in the vast hall of mirrors

And I never had to know that they were actually just normal reflections


Mister, cut my mind open with your final flourished impressive performance

Rings of fire, ringmasters and lions, amazing acrobats in a gravity defiance

Dancing elephants and bicycle bears, trapeze and tightrope, clowns and ballet

When I applaud for that final curtain and leave, I’m still in an entranced state


Mister, cut me off from the tangible world, entrap me in this amazing place

I’m wandering past striped red tents badly lost, like it’s a labyrinthine maze

Like a rat stuck and scuttling harriedly, my scattered thoughts begin to unravel

And you swoop down with a gust of wind, shaking all my respect and marvel


Mister, cut my strings and make me dance, call me your ever-faithful marionette

Make me beg for your sole control desperately until you stop playing and accept

Hold the blade against my tongue, crimson and silver clashing in purest sedition

As my balljoint limbs fall apart in a graceless waltz of decadence and perdition


Mister, cut me apart, sew me back together, and throw me inside a cell with barred windows

Let the audience pay a dollar to laugh and make fun of this snivelling miserable freakshow

Gander at my deformities, my rejected rarities, my broken traits and finest failures asunder

Proclaim me inhuman, spit in my filthy face, throw peanuts and popcorn, declare me a monster


Mister, cut my soul and sanity out, mould them and mix them in a menagerie and throw them carelessly away

For this is what my foolish curiosity has come and garnered, and this is the ultimate price that I will have to pay

This cozen carnival, a deathly deluge of employed slaves and varying circus acts of your victims, doomed forever to stay

Master, you must close up for tonight, for we wish to indulge in our nightmares, and after all, tomorrow’s another fruitful day.


Tonight, get ready for a fight
So now you know it’s time to ride
My circus for a psycho
Round and round we go,
Look out below
‘Cause I want off this…

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The Marauders’ Ode

The dead of the night in whispers “I solemnly swear that I’m up to no good”

Four friends quietly remark elatedly under the invisibility cloak’s hood

Thin ink lines appear in the parchment, and a complex map will unfold

A clever little foolproof trick that only they’ll be able to use and decode

Four friends on the wildest adventure, breaking rules and breaking ennui

Mad marauders making magical mischief and the messiest of melody

The untold heroes with the bravest hearts, silent legends in the academy

And they won’t cease with their fun, mischief-making, and camaraderie

Moony, Padfoot, Prongs, and Wormtail are out to take the world on a rampage

And afterwards, when lumos turns to nox, they return, and…mischief managed.

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Girl I’ve got you, under a spell 
And I don’t think I’ll be letting you out 
I’ve got you 
If this is heaven then baby I don’t wanna know hell…


Mellifluous incantations, celestial visions

Magic words and highly toxic potions

Wooden wands, dolls and hair strands

Ancient books on rickety stands


Cauldrons frothing, shimmering with iridescent fog

Deformed ladles melting, hissing, starting to sag

A shady silhouette at the very back of the room

Another victim tied up, awaiting her inevitable doom


Dripping from his mouth like silver light stirring

Cold eyes so hypnotizing, sonorous voice so mesmerizing

Lilting words strung together like Christmas lights

Forming manipulations to remove the frontal lobe of her mind


Poisonous liquid numbing down her tongue

His delicate hands covering her frightened eyes from the sun

Dark clouds and dust, dirty dungeons and deliria

Each utter flowing from his mouth gives her rising hysteria


His head snaps, her head lolls, scorching sparks start to fly

Chanting louder, growing stronger, a crow raises its violent cry

He gestures wildly, she whimpers sadly, and finally took the fall

She listlessly sits with no other wits, he’s got her under his control


He’s successfully got her under his impenetrable spell

Forever bound to an incantation, a prisoner of her own mind

Never to leave, never to break, never to be well

An empty shell that ricochets a faint cry of help behind


He captured her heart with his powerful spell

Because no amount of magic can cause him to love anymore

So lonely. So dreary. He lives his days in constant hell

Taking victim after victim, throwing them away when he gets bored


He took her entire life into one big fantasy spell

She got so indulged and passionate that she couldn’t even tell

And shame that her common sense can no longer be set free

Because that senseless, limerent, spellbound girl is me.

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