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Our shelters are all living things
I feel the mortar tremble
Pressure cracks like spider webs
With you at the center reeling me in…


Tremble, tremble

Minds at the crucible

Solely unforgiving

Now giving in to milder

Disciples, and again


Convictions falter

Against the beaks of a

Wake of starving vultures

Salvaged without prayer

Expendable, and again


The locks on this vault
I’ve pushed inside begin to rust
And if it breaks I’m spilling out
Like the needle thread
Through empty trust…

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Clever minds think alike

Don’t you, don’t you think?

A line so blurred, I can’t decipher

In varying shades of both ink


Clever minds think alike

Can’t you, can’t you think?

A curse so shared, it’s almost weird

Or did your mind just blink?

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Awkward Accolades

It’s the same sound
Same sting
The same collapse
Of everything.


your artless


feel like

fire inside

my throat,

two pens

don’t share

the same ink,

and your nib

dug at truth.

your guileless


feel like ice

within my


that spoke,

two minds

can’t think

anything of

the things

they wrote.

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