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i apologise for

the foolish

mistake that

i didn’t realise

i committed

in the first place.

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Secret Demons and Selfish Denominations



There’s a dull buzzing, lull sounding, full echoing, cruel deafening roaring in my head

And a constant stinging, a tortured poking at my paining temples, I wish that I was dead

There’s a strange rattle as I move, and huh, funny, my orifices are dripping rancid honey

I wonder what I did now to disturb and make the wasps and bees inside my apiary head angry.



The dark cavities are like a black hole, sucking up all the numbness of my thin-lipped mouth

Try as I might, my forced candy sweet smile just falls flat, turns into a sour Warhead pout

Tongue lolling, head rolling, shooting glances, the camera flashes, now please, say cheese!

And it is just another forceful kick directed and landed hard against my already-missing teeth.



My squalid fingers are constantly twitchy, and the anxiety’s buckling my knobbly knees

My hands are livid shaky, my sheer sanity wobbly, I can’t finish my ultimate masterpiece

I aimed for Da Vinci’s breathtaking creations, but instead got a ruined Pollock mixed with Picasso

And there’s a mud puddle of oily grey in the tainted canvas, symbolising how my muddled thoughts flow.



A tingling flicker and switch, trembling limbs fiddle with their own unraveling stitch

Say a last prayer naysayers, can you feel that inhaled oxygen collectively hitch?

Candles lit and double fingers raised on the count of two, a vigil of change I pursue

Though whether its peace or anarchy I signal with my hands, I am unsure which one is true.



Suppressed emotions that I try my very best to choke back like my bitter unpalatable prescribed pills

Lay my eyes upon my bloodstained shoes and never look up, past the ground and beyond the hills

I implore, prick my desensitised skin and thick skull with needles to prove that I am, in fact truly still alive

And not just some abstract ideology, a useless breathing bag of meat and bones constructed on godless lies.


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