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ghost in the walls

Broken compass still moving forward
A constant north, the one I’ll never know
Like everything, I gravitate to what ends up killing me
We’re separated by a hell of a lot more than the sky…


i have not dwelt

simply to haunt the stubborn

nor to be wasted away

by tides of hubris.

i may be a mere spectre

but i am nary a ghost

nor another figment of your

mischievous imagination.

you may think me but

another flickering shadow

lingering past peripheral visions,

in the darker corners of your

tired, bleary, hallucinating eyes,

but i am not transient

and quiet mantras and disheartened

prayers will not be enough to

make me go away, vanish.

and my silhouette shall eclipse

your sunrise mind, until

persistence turns to paranoia

and mysticism turns to madness,

morphing your shallow dreams

into abysmal nightmares…

you deserve it,

for you are a murderer—

you have not killed my body,

but you have mercilessly mutilated

my spirit, leaving my heart

beating steady yet badly hollow,

making me vainly ache

for the former tragedy instead.

with what you have done,

it is only fair and just for me

to be the deathless past

billowing rather furiously

behind your closed curtains,

trapping you in my perpetual gale

as you have done to me.

for i have not dwelt simply

to be another superstitious legend

passed around in whispers,

nor will i stay in insignificant limbo

just to be entirely washed away

by the arrogant tides of

the fear you once called love.


Your wings might be broken but it’s not too late
You hide your emotions so you can escape
You can’t be afraid to make mistakes
And you can’t fake perfection…

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MURDER, they cried (A Murderer’s Lost Elegy)

A gun in one hand,

a knife in the other

A cigarette wedged between my mouth

Scars and wounds, my body gets covered


I want their blood, a mad fervor

A year of killing, a life to die for

A thirst to hurt, a desire to kill

An insatiable pain, revenge and will


Your blood is my lifeline

Even though I drain my own

Your souls are already mine

And yet the demons carve mine in stone


The questions swirling around my head

The voices refusing to stop until I’m dead

Why did I turn out like this?

A madman, a psycho, a complicated death kiss?


Ha, as if you’d ever forget

That this was all your fault

You trapped me into this inescapable net

You let me slip deeper into this zone


You nudged me on with your cold blue eyes

You ruined my life with your sickly lies

And after all you did, you left me to crumble

To cry, to weep, to scream, to mumble


So I’ll keep on ruthlessly murdering

Let the crimson liquid shed

Just to take back some of my life that’s gone

Or hell, even just for pure fun


And now I shall keep on killing

Keep on taking lives as my own

Until the devil’s cry consumes me

And into Hell I’m dragged and thrown.


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