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spill, the flesh quivers at the taste of

adenosine kerosene, chemical

perpetuity—maxims of sisyphean shock


candid transgression mirrored

shared crags of rapacious disdain


how arrogant of you to praise conceit


veracious, i might pertain to be. but never

stagnant nor unlikely consecrated

the hands of which are solely yours to admire


you, the heart of antagonistic ire.

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A siren’s sweetest call

With a deathly allure

Come now darling, fall

Into the river Styx’s azure

Closer into lovely music

Don’t you be worried sick

I am here to guide you, love

And inner peace you will have

Dearest, please be docile

And show me that smile

As I drag you further down

But now don’t you dare frown

Into the deepest of the abyss

Strange creatures darting amiss

Into my warmer embrace

Against the cold currents’ raze

But once we break the dark

Where no light shall ever spark

The return path is no more

And we’ll stay here forevermore

Nothing too big will be lost

But your red heartbeat’s cost

And your soul’s soft serenity

So darling, come sin with me.

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