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Nameless Nemesis

The sticks and the stones that
You used to throw have
Built me an empire, so don’t even try
To cry me a river, ’cause I forgive you
You are the reason I still fight…


Wicked witch of the West

The egotistical red queen

Captain Hook, grimy pest

A slimy dream saccharine


The acrid poison you spit

Methanes on your tongue

The cold toxic you secrete

Shall be your bad outcome


On your charmless veneer

Tortured dark sensibilities

In distasteful doses of fear

A lost cause for humanities


You scar me and mar me

With penchant for defeat

Bore holes past my skull

Lay hellfire upon my feet


Degrade my capabilities

To reject my testimonies

You think you’re glorious

And quite sanctimonious


But your haunting words

Shall revert to your curse

Your reign upon the world

Will crumble and disperse


And I’ll be standing strong

Wayward heart and thorns

Raise a sword upon the air

Victory cheer ringing clear


Your armies of sticks, stones

Shall add to build my throne

My wounds, burnt-up bones

Shows I survived your scorn


Soon you’ll be homely crushed

Banished to a bleak underland

Devoured by ravenous reptiles

Vanish with a flick of the wand


But dear, no need to beg and grovel

A chagrin hapless irrefutable defeat

After all, your karma, it’s never well

You are the reason why I still believe.


So you can throw me to the wolves!
Tomorrow I will come back
Leader of the whole pack
Beat me black and blue!
Every wound will shape me
Every scar will build my throne.

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Target on my back, lone survivor lasts
They got me in their sights
No surrender no, trigger fingers go
Living the dangerous life…


My dearest nemesis, with your mad scientists and crazy schemes

In this endless battle laid out for two, you are highly passionate, it seems

In a high-stakes race against the other, you think I will easily stumble

But your pride is also your weakness, for I’m practiced and I’ll never crumble


Try to tear and rip me down just like an old peeling paper poster

Throw my momentum off in this crazy rickety ride on a rollercoaster

Dare to shoot me down with your sharp lethal arrows ever flaming

But fighting fire with fire ain’t always right, because I’ll keep on burning


Because I’m invincible, uncontrollable, I’m a raging, roaring, wild monster

So don’t try to stop me now with your darts and measly tranquillisers

Bring me down into derision, but I’ll rise from the grey ashes stronger

Beat me up into submission, and I’ll stick the torture out even longer


I’m that blinking stubborn red light smiling in the midst of the choking dark

When you stomp madly on the dying hearth, I’m that small resilient spark

Toss me with hurricanes, shake me with your earthquakes, up to scale seven

Throw me into hell’s perdition and pull me away from my cloud nine heaven


You think you have guts of glory, perseverance made of pure steel

You think you won’t give up, but guess what? I know I never will

You wish to see my heart flatline? For my soul’s ardent life to flicker and die?

You want to see my immortal hope to fade away? Then I’d like to see you try.


Shot like a rocket up into the sky
Nothing could stop me tonight…

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