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Tissue Sketches #3: café chicago

Chicago skylines twirl, a scintillating maid

A distant glow which never seems to fade

Indulge in tastes of saccharine decadence

Flavours myriad dancing, still quite intense

Nocturnal owls hum as the clock strikes eleven

For a whimsical soul, this quaint place is heaven.

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Tissue Sketches #2: sugar skies and coffee cup moon

Night falls like java spilling over napkins

Cappuccino milky way in haziest dreams

Mocha kissed stars, amidst latte galaxies

Warmth colliding chills, espresso affinities

I’m addicted to caffeine, and the sky’s a café

No wonder it always makes me stay past late.

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Silent Laughter (or, Some Habits Stay The Same)

These nocturne stays

Information highways

Midnights sure spent

Bridled entertainment

Film reel after film reel

Of shallowest humour

Caricatures and reacts

Of both joy and horror

Chuffed convulsions

Paroxysms of delight

Coned cacchinations

A euphoric teary-eyed

Attempting to conceal

Biting down with mirth

Or contained laughter

‘Til lungs almost burst

In a room of reposing

It’s a minefield I’ll risk

Nostalgia at old days

When it felt like magic.

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Ah, where art thou, sleep?

As I busy myself with chewed pencaps and entertain my arid whims with my bleary cursive handwriting, coalescing into one big scarlet mess before my jaded sinking eyes, this mischievous (and perhaps bordering on draconian) mistress persists to continuously allude me. Several times I have attempted to drown under the mystifying spell of dreams, yet it always ends up rejecting me and spitting me back gracelessly into reality.

Dislimned restless nights are spent huddled beneath a timeworn yellow duvet, alternating between intervals of irritatingly scratching inflammatory mosquito bites to no avail, and musing such desolate thoughts, as my frenetic imagination takes my tired brain by the hand (stem?) and chases rainbows and cemeteries with it. Sighing, laughing, cringing, longing, regretting, reminiscing, changing channels constantly in my head, until I’m ultimately left with dead batteries and a static screen, stuck staring slack-jawed at a dancing monochromatic display, lulled by a comforting dissonant white noise, into a dark insensibility.

So instead I turn my feverish mind off, allowing it to repose and cool down, and look up onto the astronomical midnight firmament, watching the chaste trace of the soft cottony moon doze on lazily by, and bask in the myriad stars’ winking, pulsating, flickering, a show of spectacular scintillation; positively illuminating these lacklustre graphite pupils of mine, making the languidly-burning embers in my heart flare wildly and higher, as if doused with tantalising spirits, as if wishing to rival the stars in space, as if reaching out into the galaxies to occupy the missing lacuna in the skies it calls home.

Slumber is calmly lurking within the sibilant raven shadows, waiting patiently, sharpening its bladed claws, ready to pounce upon me in my most vulnerable state, and finally devour the last detritus of my falling somnolent consciousness. But in the meantime, it’s just the company of my insomnia and I on a nocturnal picnic, in the comforting solace of a clement Luna and a million optimistic stars, into a tranquil oblivion.

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Nocturnal Cantabile

Breath of midnight filled with caution

Starlight dust intoxication

Tenfold brilliance, galactic consonance

Euphonious voice of darkness, resonance


Sandman’s whispers so captivating

Unconscious harmonic music-making

Into a soft bed of reveries you drown

Leave those pains and ease that frown


Pupils giving off bright reflections

Dull aches flooded with saturation

Slow but steady, hearts they beat

Intertwined breathing, conjure some heat


Ripples of a fragile notion

Reverberate sounds of revelations

Wispy souls assess unknown emotions

As nocturnal birds sing in repetition


Cosmos painted lush; a deep navy blue

As the moon wishes aches away, bid adieu

Let ethereal clouds of imagination float freely in the skies

Sweet dreams, the planet tucks you in, and good night.

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