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Mood Rings

I never have to carefully shape sentences
When I’ve got some words to say
They’re falling from my mouth from the time
That they hit my brain
‘Cause we built a picture made for frames
We live in chemistry away from all the wasted time and taste…


There’s a reason why I like the pink in your mood

My words hit the ground, but you catch them so we’re good

If time’s running out for me, I’ll be sure to take it slow

I may be high on conflict but on your sights I’m low


The amount of space between my smile and eyes are closing in

But frustration and disappearing sense is not a problem

Because if you laugh, then I laugh, and if you cry, then I die

The city’s a slow waltz into the colourful cocktails we have to try


I may speak my mind but I talk with my heart

And it only takes one skipping beat to know where to start

I keep falling for everything that wants nothing to do with me

But I’ll keep trying until the blondes stop being pretty


I change so quickly, I don’t even know what to think

And your face goes from soft violet to vivid blush like a 90’s trick

I’m the rain that you chase, you’re the lone cloud in May

Our weather’s too erratic and unstable, but I adore it anyway


So don’t get me wrong, your fingers may be pointing

But I’ll take them in my hand and yell bang, the bullet’s flying

You’re troubled by the clothes you wear, confused looks good on you

It accentuates the glow in your halo, but you never had a clue


I’m asking all the wrong questions, but you still answer them right

And I’m hoping to the moon that you’ll answer the most important one tonight

I’m dirty red, you’re canary yellow, let’s collide together and be orange fire

A hurricane’s sleeping in my bedroom, can I stay over? We can dream until we’re tired.


My mood’s dictated by our conversations
And if you don’t text I get too frustrated
I want you all to myself this time, t-t-time
Conflicted looks good on me, I’m trying desperately
I want you all to myself this time, t-t-time…

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pink stains

on lily petals

purple rain

in its coevals

a red boy

writing letters

green toy

spins in flatters

black rose

for that beauty

white pose

sing it with me

a blue girl

on the sun rays

yellow twirl

awed she plays

orange eyes

happily sparkled

rainbow lives

hearts all coloured.

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Melting Crayons



The colour of

a thousand sunsets

falling altogether

in the paradise

that scarlet angels

had created for

you and me.



Floating rubber duck

smiling sun in the paper corner

raincoat for stormy days

sunflowers bloom in the summer

the stars twinkling merry

lemonade in the cool backyard

and that light still incensed

in the purest childish innocence.



Alien worlds

mint-skin men


in the crowning glory

of Neptune


seas, aquamarine

with creatures

so abyssal

holds more mystery

in its lagoon.



Eccentric, you were

with your ginger hair

and your freckled nose

and your sweet ‘n sour demeanour

Strange, you were

with hard seeds in your heart

and that sodium light skin

and that aftertaste you left so bitter.



Calm and cool

walk a manner

don’t even blink—

royal and regal

amethyst nails

why even think?

lipstick so dark

leave kiss mark

don’t try to sink!

the stain you left

is a sole memory

like a bard with no ink.



You’re my candy queen

you’re my sweet sixteen

you’re my autumn bloom

your cheeks rosy flushing

carnation hair’s billowing

you’re a strawberry moon

you’re a bubblegum sweet

your words a cherry treat

you’re sunrise on a spoon

you’re my watermelon cool

you’re a cotton candy spool

you’re my heart’s nom de plume.



Those days

where there’s

not a hint

of the horizon

just the sky and sea

melting together

into a pale blue



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