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(A poem inspired by the anime Pandora Hearts.)

Wind back the endless time

The turn of the broken chime

Destroy the memories I once created

Remove the pains that I once experienced


The sweet music that flows from my veins

The box of happy memories that I forever lost

The endless links of silver scintillating chains

Revealing my secret, hurtful past


A soft silver thread ties our destinies

So delicate, fragile, like butterfly wings

The slow and intricate melody it sings

Which holds our clandestine souls in one piece


Just like an untouchable, thorny, blood-red rose

I gaze at you longingly from far away with a shattered heart

I want to protect your delicate smile and be so close

Although it will break my scarred hands apart


The chains and the contract may bind me in my soul

But my love for you, it will never bind in hate

They my try to make me bleed and step me out of my role

But for you, I will gladly accept my terrible fate


The acrid, stinging poison that tastes so sweet

The shining pure tears filled with joyous defeat

The rose that I hold in my hands, with blood remains

Laughing happily, yet with a tinge of pain


I’ll wait for you, my love, my dear

I’ll wait forever in the dark chasm of the abyss

Hold back your hate, terror, anger, fear

Because when we’re finally reunited…

Those thorns intertwining your arms and legs will surely dissolve into amiss.

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