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The Calumniation of John Smith and Jane Doe

Let me tell you a story about a boy and a girl
A very different version than you’ve ever heard
Okay, so I’m lying, but all I’m trying to say
This isn’t about the one that got away…


Let me tell you a story

Of a boy and a girl

One who killed the sunset

The other’s feet curled

Both watched wretched stars

Crash with meteor showers

They licked nectar of the gods

And elucidated powers

Win the matriarchal anarchy

Of the obstreperous race

And the boy and the girl

Were the mascots and the face

And they chased popularity

Like spiders on a web

And anyone who gets caught

Will be devoured and dead

She was the queen bee

He was the screaming lion

They ruled the concrete jungle

With a fist as hard as iron

They solved society’s code

And clambered on other people

With sharp knives and wits

They reached the highest steeple

Forever staying to indulge

Lounging in pecksniffian glam

The boy and girl found bliss

Amidst avariciousness and scams

But their leniency evolved

And the bridges under restless

They began to grow tired

Of withholding the masses

And so their bullets ricocheted

Their crown jewels glinted

Crowds pulled them by their hairs

To obtain what they needed

It turned bloody and carnage

Habituated from vicious attacks

Their downfall shall climax

With a clean suicide pact

The boy with his revolver gun

The girl with her noose and razor

Sitting by the burning castle

“Let’s end this now together.”

But it doesn’t finish that easily

They both survived the dare

He missed his brain by inches

She bled, but only paled fair

One ended up in a hospital ER

Comatose for his existence

The other was thrown in jail cell

To waste away and lose sense

The girl escapes, mad rambling

With some floss and a bent spoon

The boy sleeps, she pulls the plug

“This will all be over soon.”

And this story doesn’t end

With a wedding and happiness

In this version, one gets killed

By the other one’s duress

Let me tell you a story

Of a stupid boy and a foolish girl

This modern Adam and Eve fable

Is no fairy tale for the sober.


Watch it from your ivory tower
Paint the sky grey, like a coward
How long you’ve got?
I can go on for hours
A sweet little tale that ended sour
My words will ring in your ears…

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Satirical Reminiscences

While you stood over the pavement
I was biting the curb
Sick entertainment, but I’ll bet it feels good
Coming down
Can’t bear to wash out the wasted time
Between your lips and mine…


You and I are simply wasting nascent time in a universe that was never built for two

Parallel worlds and black holes are the more befitting sets for this tragedy play of rue

When we parted and said our dead goodbyes, roses wilting on a cold eve of November

I asked you, in the midst of the howling wind and chasmic rain, darling, do you still remember?


Do you remember the sugary whispers you uttered before you sounded a guttural scream

Against my ear, an act of raw violence tearing against the veneer of saccharine seams?

Do you remember the harsh music we made, the orchestral cacophony growing louder

With the accompaniment of shattering sounds as we threw vinyl records at each other?


Do you remember the cross of my trembling pallid fingers, stained with bitter nicotine

When I huddled in the shadows of a church confessional, and prayed silently, kneeling?

Do you remember, dear, the sagacious sacrament of sins I spilled from my rotten mouth

Do you remember love, when you told me coldly that a million prayers it won’t have to make up?


Did you witness, when I put a silver bullet in my brain and mercury replaced my tears?

With the acrid grey gun smoke clashing against your wispy careless cigarette tendrils

Do you still keep that wispy lock of your blonde angel hair that I used as my noose?

Did you see when I lay broken on the downtown boulevard, lacerated, marred, and bruised?

Did you realise our souls were perpendicular, wounded hands clambering against

We were just mastering the art of miracles and reaching for some dumb luck heaven sent?

Did you recall falling away in a ravine, and the light drizzle of upsidedown bitter tears

Darling, can you still taste on your red tongue the crimson and cobalt stormy smears?


Do you remember all those jovial days playing chase in the verdant butterfly garden

When it was perfect; I was your protective Adam and you were my ravishing Eden?

Now love, do you still have the poisonous serpentine apple lodged in your choking throat?

When you bit at the forbidden temptation and blamed me solely, said our curse was my fault?


Do you remember those days? Do you remember what went wrong? Won’t you tell me darling?

All that sweetness of our emotions that grew into a dark cavity, destroying, decimating, decaying?

Tell me all you can think of, in this biography, for I’m bleeding raven ink stains, blotting your pale paper skin

We’re writing a fantasy book of us, false reality scribbled on the yellowed pages, a befitting tragicomedy for other fools to be entertained.


So c’mon and swing it back and forth just like
My heart is on a pendulum tonight
I only wanna watch your clouds
Linger in the darkness
Oh, can’t you feel it?
You’re feeding on my restless soul
Oh, can you see that
It’s never enough, it’s never enough…

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