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It Takes One

It takes one to know one

A bloodthirst for a bloodlust

To catch a killer with a cold link

You shall do what you must


It takes one to find one

A lost cause for a losing side

To find what the devil couldn’t

Let him pick the pace he abides


It takes one to capture one

An insane for an ending sanity

Taste his actions, every death

As if he was your own propinquity


It takes one to be one

A stagehand for a tugged pulley

A mind is like a flawed machine

A single virus, and you’ll be me


It takes one to heal one

A catcher for a falling heart

You’ll try to distance yourself

Yet find we can never be apart


It takes one to know one

An apathetic soul for an empathic mind

But without a connection, your lead will be gone

For it takes two madmen to catch one, you’ll find.

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Clockwork Seizure

“I can feel my nerves clicking like…roller coaster cogs, pulling up to the inevitable long plunge.” ~Will Graham


Something is wrong inside of you.

Very wrong.

You’ve never noticed it before.

But your minute engines seem to be s-t-u-t-t-e-r-i-n-g along

The gears /stop/ grinding altogether

The parts fall off like a rotten tooth.

And your mind suddenly snaps;

Into a m i l l i o n f e t t e r e d p i e c e s

Snap, crackle, pop.

Shatters silently, leaves no traces

The room around you, you find

Seems to get closer, closer

Pressing against your thoughts

Against your claustrophobic mind

And you can hear the walls



Beckoning you with ~calls~


P o u n d i n g  h a r d e r

Gales growing stronger

Fire tornadoes, heart burner

Manipulation and deceit

The universe ever so conceit

The working, ticking clock in the room

Further mocks your whim

Tick. Tick. Tock.

Mad laughter is besmirched in the very air

The metallic smell. The barging pounds.

Getting harder. Faster. Closer.

Until it rips into the walls of your brain.

The awful headache is highly unbearable

Aspirins refuse to dissolve the pain.

Is there anything to do but give in?

The provenance never mattered anymore

The cause is lost and gone too far

All that remains are clockwork metal

Tapping slowly on the concrete ground

Screws, bolts, nuts, cogs rolling away

And the numbers and hands seem to slowly decay

And all smudge together and float around

Before rusting and fading away behind

Along with your wispy broken mind.

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The Truman Show Delusion

(About the delusion: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Truman_Show_delusion)


All the world’s a stage, the people all say

And you’d think that they know better

But as soon as the cameras come out to play

They get controlled, turn blind, and I am the only one smarter


They think that they could fool my clever, clever eyes

But of course, I already know their sadistic ruse

I see through all their sick disgusting lies

And to acting their written script out, I greatly refuse


Which ones are the actors, which ones are just naive?

Is this place even real, or is it just a studio set, all fake?

Are the cameras rolling, the lights and microphones I could perceive?

And do I hear a faint “Cut!” as someone makes a mistake?


What? Do those bumbling fools really think that I’m that blind?

Ha! I’m the smartest human of them all!

I’m the only smart person that’s aware that you can find

To the producer’s little tricks, I will never befall


Can’t you see? We’re like some rats in a large maze!

A lab rat, a robot, an experiment, just a petty plaything!

We’re like brainless little humans, robots with no actual face!

We’re like mere puppets, our lives being pulled on by a string!


They look down at us, move us like we’re just pieces of a chess

Just little pawns to move around the board, no more, no less

But we’ll show them, we’ll show those players, expose them to the crowd

That we’re not just pawns, and they just are simply a bunch of sadistic frauds!


Wait, what the hell are you idiots doing? Don’t do this to me!

Don’t lock me away in that dark miserable thing!

Why are you so stupid? Why do you refuse the truth, embrace the lies?

Why do you refuse to see the most obvious thing in front of your eyes?


You don’t know what you’re doing! Still acting out, I see!

You fools will regret the day you ever did this to me!

You can lock me up in an asylum, or even make me die

But I still am better than any of you, at least I really did try!




Hmmm…It seems that our genius figure’s finally figured it out

Is that so? Well then, master, what will happen to this show?

But don’t worry, young one, I got him all subdued now, without a doubt

What then? How come? What did you do to silence that noisy crow?

No one will believe him, of course, my obedient pets all think he’s insane

Yes! Of course! The perfect cover-up! We have prevailed once again!

But of course, dear sir, do you really think I’d let them off that easy?

Of course not, show master! Oh your clever mind works so greatly!

Off you go then. Everyone, return to their sets! Lights! Camera! Action!

Because, nosy meddler or not, the show must go on…

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