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Golden Rainbow

saturated in colours

you manifest in alliteration

hazes off my tongue

naïve wish for reciprocation

an adamantine angel

in a matchbox performance

snowflakes in bloom

regalia under silk assonance

hurricane in keyholes

a corona luna synchronicity

mellifluous aspiration

pretty marionette’s liquidity

as under the starshine

we’ll trade vaudeville hearts

entertained clockwork

so splash me with golden arcs.

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pink stains

on lily petals

purple rain

in its coevals

a red boy

writing letters

green toy

spins in flatters

black rose

for that beauty

white pose

sing it with me

a blue girl

on the sun rays

yellow twirl

awed she plays

orange eyes

happily sparkled

rainbow lives

hearts all coloured.

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Crystalline sugar

Of neon shades

Clashing distinct

Catching eyes

And tongues;

Baby carnation,

Firmament blue,

Chartreuse green,

Starrified yellow,

Diamond white.

Childish treats

For childish hearts

Rainbow pebbles

On cute display

Within small

Quaint bottles,

A sugar kiss

From a pixie

And her friend

The belle fairy.

As you crush

Them betwixt

Your teeth;

Implosions of

Sweetness and

Shocking mint

Dances like a

Fireworks display

In your mouth—

A magical aftertaste.



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Write me a quaint song of broken dreams

And colourless atoms floating at the seams

Steal me an onyx magpie’s magical coin

And a one-way ticket to Oz you can purloin


Throw me a pebble in an old wishing well

Against a green witch’s dark jinxed spells

Buy me a dress of the best rainbow’s cloth

Flashing a mirage like a shimmering moth


Take me down to the craziest Wonderland

White Rabbit and Alice falling hand in hand

Where you and I can just simply be all alone

In the madness that we could never have owned.

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Playful Puddles

Soft raindrops delicately fall

Into your porcelain-white doe eyes

Not salty tears of dark gloom at all

But of pure jubilance and sheer remise

Now all I see are sky blue puddles

In your twinkling bright pair of pupils

And fragile colourful rainbows filled

Mirages flashing, peaceful, distilled.

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Rain Some More

Hey now, we’ve got to make it rain somehow
She told me to, and showed me what to do
Our Maggie makes it in a cloud…


Continuous shouts and protests of “Rain, rain, go away!”

That’s the rhyme all the children chant along to and collectively say

For they all wish to peacefully resume their silly little games

Under the sun, without getting sopped wrinkly and washed down into the drain


But to the sight of my childish heart, you are gaiety, Nature’s splendour

In terms of Mother Goose, I’m that foolish eensy weensy spider

Playing by the iridescent puddles, the nipping ardour of torrential rain

Drenching myself in pattering jubilance without bearing any shame


The plants join in my strange pantomime, my personal ode to stormy skies

Flowers swaying gently as they welcome waters that kiss their petals nice

The drops of rain that mix with luminescence, an ethereal emotion

Waiting giddily for the bridge of rainbow for me to cross after this downpour session


Fun, colour, and the sweet smell of petrichor, won’t you join my rain dance and song?

Indulge yourself in cloudburst joviality until you are soaked to your very bone

For when the sun hides its rays of gold to rest, and the day is dislimned by the clouds that soar

We must find solace in embracing duskiness and frigid water, so let it rain some more.

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Nature’s Dulcet Tones


Pulled onto the sky

By last tears of silken clouds

Ribbon of colours.



Upon where we step

Flowers, trees, plants, blossoming

Earth; Nature’s soft skin.



On the ground I lie

Blades of grass, shamrock so deep

Guide me into sleep.



Splashing and crashing

The water scintillating

Waving you goodbye.



Sphere with a dark side

Gleaming white teeth grinning down

What does your smile hide?



Glaring sun perched proud

Buds of green as it melts, thaws;

Winter’s bone-white snow.



Fireflies will guide you

In the valley of darkness

Stars below the skies.



Tepid weak-willed winds

Ice cream melting by the pool

Sluggish lazy bones.



See it falling down

Hear it splash, a tranquil sound

Bye, little raindrop.



I plant little stars

In the hope that they would spring

Into dazzling hope.


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