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So Slowly…

(This poem is based off true events. And I’m sure some of you can relate.)


Just 8 more minutes…

8 more minutes of silent enduring

8 more minutes before the saving bell rings

8 more minutes of clicking my pen

8 more minutes of pretending to listen


I glance at the watch, 5 more minutes

5 more minutes of silently counting down

Slumping at the desk, I’m glued to my seat

And thought “Just 5 more minutes of simply looking around.”


So slowly…time goes so slowly

Watch as the hand of the clock ticks by

Like a slow motion part in a movie

Until I give up in desperation and sigh


All I could do is stare like a zombie at the board

By the way I look, I am obviously bored

Slowly…so slowly until I’m braindead from boredom

Counting the seconds till I’m free from this endless momentum


Just a few more minutes, and I’m twitching with happiness

Cleaning up the desk, and shoving the stuff in my bag

Zipping my bag up, which is now a huge mess

Then looking up to the watch, and barely 20 seconds have passed

Groooan, why is my life so lagged?


Just a little more before I regain my power

But the minutes seemed to turn into hours

Slowly…why does time go so slowly?

How many eons more before I’m set free?


Less than a minute, and I’m screaming silently in endless joy

All the adrenaline in my body suddenly seemed to deploy

I snap my head up and straightened my back a bit

Giddy as a mouse, I could barely contain myself in my seat


5, any second now, just any second

4, So close, I’m so clooose…

3, Time is getting slower and slower, I reckon

2, Beaming with joy, I waited excitedly with bated breath

1, the world seemed to freeze at that fateful moment…




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